Wild boar tries to enter Goa assembly

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A wild boar tried to enter the Goa assembly after midnight on Tuesday, but crashed through the main glass door of the complex, only to fall into a nearby pit, as the elevator system was under repairs. “The lift was being replaced and some repair work was being done at the site,” an official from the legislature department said. The animal landed into a 2.5 metre deep pit through the scaffolding, which was erected to carry out the work. “Our security staff told us that it was chased by some dogs,” the official added.

The authorities called the police, who informed the animal rescue centre, Campal at around 1am for help in rescuing the surprise midnight visitor. The budget session had concluded on Monday evening after chief minister, Manohar Parrikar presented the state budget 2012-13. A two-member team from Campal reached the scene soon after, with ropes and requisite equipment. “They used a smaller rope to trap it, but the animal was too violent and fended off the noose,” Amar Heblekar, range forest officer (RFO wildlife) Campal said.

The forest officials realized that the rescue operation would be difficult with the scaffolding obstructing free movement of the rescuers. “We thought of using the tranquilizer gun and called up Bondla zoo,” Heblekar said. The RFO who supervised the operation said the rescuers managed to get the rope traps around the injured animal after about two hours. “Then lifting it out of the pit took hardly two minutes,” he said. The wild boar darted into the leopard’s cage kept nearby, instantly after it was put down on the floor.
The door was bolted and the animal was carried to a nearby forest. The animal did not need any treatment as it had sustained only a few minor bruises.

The 1750 sq m complex which was inaugurated on March 5, 2000 was built on the edge of a forest area on Porvorim plateau. It lies across the Mandovi river on the northern side of Panaji, along the national highway 17. The Secretariat complex with a ministerial block is located barely 100 metres away on its northern side.

Courtesy: TOI

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