Waves: The Biggest Cultural Festival Of Goa

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Much yearned and anxiously awaited, Waves– the biggest cultural festival of Goa, is ready to kick-startwith a style of its own from 3rd of November, promising quality participation of more than 2000 withbigger prizes and prestige at stake than ever before. And this time, Waves weaves itself with the themeof fusion, pure milavat, presenting a unique blend of offbeat and cultural events. The theme promisesan aural treat of grunge mixing up with classical strings, some thumkas with elegant ball room dancing, aplethora of unusual blend of offbeat and cultural events.

The special nights, consistently the biggest performances in the state, exceeded expectations withDJ Suketu, KK and Vidya Balan headlining the celebrity scene, Blackstrat Blues and TAAQ enchantingthe crowds into their own musical nirvana. This Waves witnesses the mesmerizing might of Fusionbeing propagated by some of the very best in the business like Kailasa, Raeth, Something Relevant, DJSiddhartha and Agam. One of the major attractions of waves this year has been sea rock which rangesfrom Metal and Rock Purists to fusions of Indian Music and mainstream rock. It has spread its wings outof Goa and has decided to go national with a bang, with first-round eliminations taking place in cities likeBengaluru, Delhi, Pune and Goa itself.

Encompassing a broad spectrum of events in categories ranging from music to literary, from dance tothespian and art; Waves has something for everyone. Chief among these superlatives are the Big Four -Sea Rock, Mr. and Ms. Waves, Natyanjali (a group dance event) and Fashion Parade. Also, a plethora ofworkshops designed to enhance the knowledge and hone the skills in fields lying well beyond the realmof academics. From cooking to light painting, cocktail-mixing to the shoe painting workshop, there isalways something to attract even the most unconventional among us.


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  1. Waves is the annual national cultural festival of Goa.

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