Waves 2010: A Celebration of Life

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Goa. Calm, serene, lazy.The sun, the sand, the sea. For 362 days of the year, that is. From October 14-16, though, all bets are off, as BITS Pilani, Goa Campus organizes Waves, its annual cultural extravaganza. With the theme “Viva la Vida,” this year’s edition is a celebration of life itself.

Goa: Waves 2010 logo

“Life is wasted on the living,” said Douglas Adams. We go through life, bound by rules we set ourselves, always living for tomorrow. As engineering students, we’re even more conscious of the fact, as would be poets and painters spend night and day burying their creativity under mountains of computer code; all for a better life in the future. We compete to get in, then compete to get out. We reduce life to a series of rooms, with our only thought being to get to the next one.

For three days, however, we at BITS plan to step back from this existence, and appreciate life for what it is – an adventure, a roller coaster of emotion and opportunity – in a massive carnival. We invite you to join us.

And what a carnival we’ve put together! Every year, we make it a point to knock the socks off everybody who comes. Performing this year will be renowned singer Shafqat Amanat Ali, all the way from Pakistan. Also, we have one of the most creative and talented bands on the Indian music circuit: Thermal and a Quarter. Waves also provides the perfect platform for college students from all over the country to showcase and sharpen their talents with a barrage of innovative events and workshops Not to mention a host of other surprise performances that’ll make sure you couldn’t find a dull moment, even if you went around looking for one.

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