The Amona Bridge – Goa

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Well, there is nothing much to say about the bridge structure…. although its a great design. Its about the wonderfull place Amona in Goa.

It is believed that Amona was the ancient center for trade and commerce with lot of cultivative furtile land and aluvial banks of Mhadaee, now Mandovi. Also on the other side there was a lot of land with kaaju plantation..this still exists however production is down cause of SESA GOA pig iron plant. The rich soil and centralised location in Gomantak with water networks for inland transport made the aryans to capture the land and there started the time of Amravati village .. now called Amona. There are remains of ancient fortresses and settlements submerged in the soil around the ferry warf region..as reported by archeology dept. of GOA.

The early people to come were mainly the arian warriors and administrators; and traders. The wrriors then collaberated with the Maratha warriors. Ancient armours and swords in the Amona temples reveal that the warriors were extraordinarily strong and huge… there are scriptures which prove tht Amona was the capital of ancient dynasties. By dynasties i mean it never remained in one emperors possesion untill it turned into a self sufficient township.

Amona has given birth to many great people. now Amona is booming with almost 90% employment 98% literacy. Theres a bridge connecting Amona to Panaji side…earlie ferry service used to be there. There’s a petrol pump. And not forgetting the lots of colourfull festivals with the good old fiesta mood with natakaas and gadgado.

(picture credit:  joegoauk6 / Joe Goa -flickr)

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  1. thanks for your blog.

    3. Rashmi on April 8th, 2007 at 1:53 am
  2. gr8 pics….. th one of amona bridge and the one showin inox and gmc together were my favourites….. the latter shows a gr8 harmony btwn the modern and d ancient panjim.

    4. manguirish on December 13th, 2006 at 4:16 am

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