Temple summit in Goa

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The second International Temple Summit 2012, a global convention of temple trusts and holy shrines, will be held in Goa in November. Presented by GVK Alliance Networks & Inspire Life Foundation, the meet will focus on key topics such as temple security, financial management, crowd control and disaster management, donations and fund raising, event management and IT, role of the social media and infrastructure enhancement, according to Girish Kulkarni, organiser, GVK Alliance Networks & Inspire Life Foundation.

A nominal participation fee per person per temple trust will be charged and the travel, stay, hospitality and conferences for 3-4 days will be borne by the organisers. However, travel to and out of Goa has to be taken care of by the individual temple trust.

For more information, contact Girish Kulkarni at 090118 99999 or email: gvk@templesummit.in

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  1. Feeding the hungry, providing health care to the needy, offering shelter to the homeless, aged, orphans and abandoned, making provisions for education, hygiene and sanitation for the downtrodden, marginalized and exploited are important areas of concern that need to be taken up by our holy men and women spending their precious lives in prayer, silence, obedience, poverty and mortification.

    1. Dr. Cajetan Coelho on October 18th, 2012 at 1:14 pm

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