‘Susegad Goa’ at Kenya’s Nyali Beach Resorts on Mar 11

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If you are a person who loves satisfying the demands of your taste buds, then you should visit – Nyali Beach Holiday Resorts – specially for their Sunday Luncheon Buffets.

Theme’s, quality – it’s there for real and on 11th March – The Theme selected is The Golden Coast of India – Goa, so its your chance to taste authentic Goan Cuisine, this Sunday 11th March for luncheon buffet at Nyali Beach Holiday Resorts.

Chef Kalicharan of Nyali Resorts, speaking more about Goan cuisine said, “The cuisine of Goa has an interesting mix of influences from all the cultures that it has contact with.

A typical Goan meal would have a lot of coconut, being on the coast means that the Goan cuisine shares the spices grown in the region with the other coast like Maharastra and Kerala.

It has also drawn a lot of influence from the various communities that has inhabited Goa from time to time.

As legend goes the Goan cuisine is responsible for introducing the quite essential Portuguese delicacy “chicken cafreal (chicken marinated in a mildly spiced green coconut masala), to the people world over.

Some of the lesser-known but which has influenced Goan cuisine are the Kashmiri, Muslim and Portuguese and the tribals who lived in the dense, rain-drenched forests of ancient Goa.

Vinegar, kokum and tamarind adds up along with red chillies and coconut as the main ingredient in Goan cooking.

The northerners of Goa grind their coconut and masala individually while the Southern Goans like to grind them together and then pass it through a muslin cloth to retain the goodness.

Goan cuisine is a result of this beautiful harmony and its cooking has a strong and lasting influence on its overall culture”.

When asked what does the theme “Susegad” means, Chef Kaali said “Susegad” is the local lingo, its not about the attitude of its people, but a way of life, Goans believe in enjoying life to the fullest and the take everything in life as it comes, and that itself, makes Goa something more unique.

The menu selected for The Goan Theme by Chef Kaali includes – chicken cafreal, fish caldhin – mildly spiced turmeric flavoured curry, vegetable piri-piri along with a variety of other traditional Goan specialties.

Adding up at the last moment, Chef Kaali said “Goan Cuisine promises that if you taste traditional Goan Cuisine once, then any other cuisine is not going to appeal to you.”

So why not check out that promise of Chef Kaali.

For those who have not yet been to the Sunday Lunch Buffets at Nyali Beach Holiday Resorts, we remind you that the price for the buffet is Kenya shillings.450 for adults and K shs.250 for child.

Swimming is free.

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