Selfish politicians will ruin Goa: Archbishop

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The fight For Goa just got a booster shot from the church that has been at the forefront of the battle. On Thursday night, at a dinner hosted by the Archbishop of the State Filipe Neri Ferrao, the government came in for some severe criticism for its plans to develop land in the state.In a speech targeted at the chief minister and his ministers, all of whom were in the audience, the Archbishop said that “Goa has become the victim of selfish politics and is literally being sold off to the highest bidder.”

It is the most direct attack so far from the church and is certain to have a huge impact on the local protests over the past few weeks, an agitation that has shown no sign of cooling off.

In the past as well, the church has helped bring people in Goa together.

(courtesy: Konkaniworld.com)

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