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Santosh Shetty, a student of IT Engineering – Goa Engineering College, writes on Goa Rock culture and current scene in Goa after the BITS Pilani Goa Campus Waves Youth Festivals of Goa.”

Hello friends :-D

Yup, its me after a really really long time …. :-)

I am listening to IRON MAIDEN’s latest album “ A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH“, as I write this post.

What I specifically liked about this album , is that, this isn’t a concept album, but WAR n RELIGION are the main themes touched upon. The artwork on the album adds to this fact.

This album also is the band’s longest album to date, in their successfull 30 year career. In their 14th album, the instrumentals are lengthy and lyrics stronger …

I still remember buying my first IRON MAIDEN cassette (EMI Label) , at Bangalore,while in higher secondary, to be specific in 11th. I had been to Bangalore to meet my cousin. My memories still ring me those moments , when I told my parents that I had purchased a cassette , HEAVY METAL one. My father did know what heavy metal rock songs were like, but i had to convince my mother a lot. Here’s why ….

the album front cover had this artwork …imagine the reaction when you show this to your parents …. :-)

The first song from that cassette, was a song of the same name as the album , “SEVENTH SON OF A SEVENTH SON “, and as the song started ,the instrumentals were enough to get my mother on feet . The moment crude and crazy vocals of great STEVE HARRIS came on , my mother stopped the player and took out the cassette. :-( Man this song is the ultimate n lengthiest one ( 9:53 mins) in the whole album and was also the reason why I purchased the cassette …. :-)

She gave me a warning …”never ever will you buy such sort of cassettes again without permission”, and said to return the cassette then and there …..

phew !!!!! here goes the only ROCK album I had …. :-(
Besides she told me that ,such music may also adversely affect my young brother who was still in primary school. Ofcourse true. I agree to this point, even though , I myself was still in teens and I did buy it in haste, without telling anyone.

I was adamant on not returning this cassette. After lot of convincing and maskaa lagana, she agreed on one condition, that I would not listen to, when everyone’s at home. Ohhk ,I agreed to this . At many uncontrollable times, I used to keep the player near to my ears ,where I normally used to sleep, in another room, and listen at a hyper-low volume in the night, after everyone at home was ASLEEP, aah blissss. Only to sometimes get up in the morning , listening my little brother complaining to my parents what he just saw ……. bah :-(

I witnessed the annual cultural extravaganza of BITS PILANI GOA CAMPUS , WAVES 2007 ,” URBAN CHAOS”. The first day I reached at 7.30 pm or so, to see the ROCK NITE where college bands across Goa showcased their talent here, on guitars, drums, n own vocals. My college (GEC) band was good, specially the lead guitarist.This is one snap that I took while he was performing ….

Goa Rock Show

Needless to say the BITS band outperformed other colleges…man they sure were playing the right chords …

BITS’ians ,way to go guys …keep your spirits high :D

The second day , I wasnt there the whole day. DJ NITE, didnt witness this one though. Heard it was ok ….. no interest anyways ….

I spent the whole day on BITS campus right from morning on third and final day …

First event being Melanger, a musical event. This was the first time I entered the Auditorium of BITS , and I was like whooooaaaaa …

Beauty …..

superb …..

chaance maare BITS students’ak !!!

After Melanger was over , I strolled across to their canteen. Again applause !!! Good quality food. Atleast many times better than our canteen … :-(

Then I saw “URBAN BLAH”. Mr n Miss Waves was fun enough to keep us smiling …. specially the messages typed by Prakhar, a 2nd year student of host college. Good work man !!!

Lucky guy , in the end the “beautiful,sexy,bitchy,naughty” girl contestant from PCCE, was impressed on this guy, she pinched his cheek in front of audience and what a applause followed then ….. :D

(by the way this girl while introducing herself said this …” I am the sexy,naughty,bitchy girl next door….” , now you understand why I wrote the same earlier) :-)

It was evening by now, and the stage near B-Wing Plaza was fully set , the most important event I was awaiting for …THE ROCK SHOW “Pro nite” ….

There I was standing … near the stage …. looking at the whole setup… the amps ….the controls ….backdrop …. lights ….. drumset ….the speakers MARSHALL , PRISM … what we actually see in rock music videos
Oh boy !!! do you all get the picture ??

The surge of musical ecstacy that I felt within at this moment is unexplainable by words …. :D

In some moments the stage came to life …. testing drums …guitar ..mike ..
The first band to open was …” HALF STEP DOWN”(H.S.D),a Rock-n-Roll band from capital New Delhi. From what I learn ,a BITsian said to me a while before …H.S.D won “Rocktaves 06″ at BITS Pilani and also won “Best original composition“. Hmmm …good … :-)

The Band members ….

  • Dhaval Mudgal ( LEAD VOCALS)
  • Anirudh Nair (BASS GUITARS)
  • Jishnu Bannerjee (LEAD)
  • Srijan Mahajan (DRUMS)
  • Shiv Lumba (PIANO,KEYBOARD)

Bits pilani Goa campus waves

The Discography (songs they played )…

1. Initially they started with two originals …

2. Good Times, Bad Times ( by Led Zepp )

3. Blues Jam

4. Plush

5. One more ( Gerard )

6. Why go home ( PEARL JAM )

7. Knocking at the back of my head ( Original song HALF STEP DOWN written by D Mughdal )

Dhaval was running all over the stage and down the steps …. yeah ! ….just the thing we needed to get warmed up .. the PEARL JAM song “Why go home” was enough to get me started ….

Some trivia here ….

“Why go home ” is a song from album TEN , Pearl Jam’s first album released in 1991.The album’s 11 tracks deal with dark subjects like depression, suicide, loneliness, and murder.Ten stayed on the Billboard charts for more than two years. The album has gone on to become one of the biggest-selling rock records ever, going duodecuple (12x) platinum.

The next band to come on stage was “BHAYANAK MAUT“, a metal / hardcore / death metal /nu-metal band from MUMBAI …The name itself is self explanatory isnt it ???? :-)
BHAYANAK MAUT WON IIT MUMBAI “LIVEWIRE 2005 “.The band has seen a meteoric rise in their popularity playing at competitions like RAIT Horizons, IIT Chennai – Saarang (Finalists), NLS Strawberry Fields Bangalore and numerous gigs at venues like Razzberry Rhinoceros, Cyclone. They played at the first gig at JRO 2004 and also came third at Blitzkreig 2004 – the IIT Delhi competition. They also coveted top honours at the prestigious NLS STRAWBERRY FIELDS, Bangalore.They have released a 7 song album called ‘Hell Is All People’ which is a great hit among metal fans.
Band Members …

  • Vinay – vocals
  • Rahul – drums
  • Venky – guitars
  • Vinit – bass

Bits pilani Goa campus waves
Discography ( songs they played ) …

1. Boiled.Unwound.Filatured. ( Original composition )

2. As early as I die

3. No perfect no change

4. This darkened heart ( Band : All that remains , dark lyrics)

5. Happiness People

6. Black Label ( Band : Lamb of God )

7. Pica ( Original song )

The third and last band was a BLAST … BREEEZE ……

they call themselves ” MOTHER JANE “, from Cochin, Kerala, formed in 1996 ,when a bunch of talented college going friends found their calling in ROCK….

Seriously folks, this is one band that I feel has to potential to rock your sorry ass and influence tons of incoming acts that are still stuck in mom and dad’s garage ……

was that too harsh ??? :-)

yup it was meant to be ….. guys get going …well I am saying that to myself too … ;-)

Band members ….

  • Baiju ( LEAD )
  • Deepu ( RHYTHM )
  • Suraj ( VOCALS )
  • John ( DRUMS )
  • Clyde ( BASS )

Bits pilani Goa campus wavesBits pilani Goa campus wavesBits pilani Goa campus wavesBits pilani Goa campus wavesBits pilani Goa campus waves

( pics are in the same order as the names )

The band takes its own time setting the amps and other controls …

And finally here they were ready….Suraj introduces the whole band in enthusiasm ..then he just lets loose ………..

They start with a beautiful song …”Be Quick or Be Dead” ,which is the first single from the Iron Maiden album Fear of the Dark, released in 1992. The song is about several political scandals taking place at the time of its release, including the Robert Maxwell banking scandal, European stock market crashes, and the BCCI case. Love this number ….
Discography ( songs they played )

1. Be quick or Be Dead ( IRON MAIDEN )

2. Disillusioned ( first self composed song )

3. Mindstreet ( self composed song )

lead and drums ……….. my GOD !!!!!!! :-)
4. Questions ( self composed song )

the drums and lead were splendid ….. crazzzzzzy ..

5. Two Minutes to midnight ( IRON MAIDEN )

played to perfection ,as if we were witnessing IRON MAIDEN ..

6. Maya ( self composed song )

this is another beautiful song , composed intentionally to create awareness about the INDIAN GIRL CHILD …… Thankx guys …and I urge every reader to give this problem a serious thought ..

Girls have excelled in every field that boys has been dominating upon… they too have equal right to oppurtunity and living , the way they decide to ..



7. Soul Corporations ( self composed song )

This is another heart-touching song ,a Japanese song …compiled ..

potrays the misuse done in the name of RELIGION by people who form so called CORPORATIONS … all in the name of RELIGION , divide people, spread hatredness , communal violence


8. Broken ( self composed song from new album : MAKTUB)

Baiju (lead) in between gave a “sitar” like feel playing on guitars ..Amazing….Excellent. Never heard such a thing before ….

Broken is nominated for the “Song of the year” category at the JD Tennesse Annual Rock Awards this year …Suraj and Baiju get nominated for the Vocalist of the year and Guitarist of the year resp. The band is contemplating releasing a video for this song this year … Wait and watch they say !!!

After this song , Baiju suddenly bambooooozles ;-) the already ecstatic audience by playing the theme song of DHOOM 2 only on lead …

Woah !!! Beauty !!! Crowd is now set into frenzy …… and long for more …. and they didnt make us wait for long either ….they start with …….

9. Wherever I may roam ( METALLICA )

hehe :-) I think this song needs no intro …a little info anyways ….

Metallica (also known as The Black Album because of its largely black and featureless cover) is the fifth album by the band Metallica. Metallica was released August 12, 1991 and is the band’s best-selling album to date. :-)

10. Blood in the apple ( inspired by 9/11 tragedy , superb one)

the ending of this song still lingers in my head ….

” one more ripple in the circle of pain …

one more cripple in the circle of pain ….

again ……”
11. Chasing the sun ( self composed song )

Suraj dedicates this song to his wife and two kids ,who were also present in the BITS-PILANI Goa campus , song from new album MAKTUB

12. Comic Stance ( self composed unreleased song .. it talks about Faith and Action …..War and Fight)

They wanted to stop here ….but then crowd was shouting aloud for one more and specifically IRON MAIDEN one ….so they present with this one …

13. Hallowed be thy name ( IRON MAIDEN )

The last song was played to perfection by them ….

Infact every song they played was breath taking and a pleasure to listen …

vocals that came straight from the heart….

and those lovely lead harmonies ….

they left an impression in the minds of we young ROCK AFFICIONADOS … they were simple and professional and no show-offs …. PURE UNADULTERATED pros dedicated to bringing the change in this filthy world …. thru MUSIC ….hardly do we find such a band ,isnt it friends ?

Well I can think of another such band who personify ABSOLUTE PROFESSIONALISM and PURE TALENT towards MUSIC and has left an indelible impression upon myself …any guesses ?? ;-)

“PINK FLOYD” is the name ….. :-)

And friends whoever have personally witnessed MOTHER JANE performing can easliy form a decision that they are the best … atleast the best INDIAN rock band I have witnessed …( excuse me, not witnessing others …. )

Browse to www.riffonline.com/ , Vote for the Best Band …along with Vote for the Vocalist and Guitarist of the Year …


Well, it was an event not to be missed … I dont know if next year I’ll be able to make it to this event , as I’ll be passing out …specially ROCK SHOW , but certainly no doubt of plan to attend ….

specially after THE GEC ROCK SHOW which was famous all over the Nation once upon a time, is scrapped since last year …

Ahhhh …. This reminds me of HAPPENINGZ 07 ….

I had written a message to all the ENGICOS …and on the third n last day of event , announcement for best message of HAPPENINGZ 2007 was made …..

surprise !! surprise !!! it was for me ….. :-)

the message goes like this …



I had written only these three lines but then the full message goes like this ..



CRY …..
FEEL …..




” :D

The event got over around 12.10 am … drained and sweating due to moshing and head banging I sat with friends on lawns for sometime ..till the crowd dispersed out …. we were thirsty too ….

there were some BITSians grabbing away the left-over colddrinks and water bottles from huge drums … we went there to ask for a bottle of water ….

One thing I felt bad about these people was, these students were rude and didnt give us water at all , even when we requested that we were thirsty …. sheee …shame on you all ….come to GEC even thought we face hell lotta problems of water shortage frequently, we are ready to give …

But how we got to drink not only water but cold-drink also is another scene ….. hehehe ;-) ….

In few moments campus was empty with only BITSians roaming here and there …. we started on our journey back to GEC HOSTEL …

While leaving on bikes … I had a last look at the BITS campus ….. :-)

and my eyes fell on the stage where the bands had just finished performing …. it wore a deserted look there …. no one on stage ….lights on …..drums still there ….. amps lying around ….speakers …. and the thought crossed my mind ….

“Someday …..

Someday …..

Someday …….

It’s gonna be a day when ………..”

….. conscious yet not feeling sleepy …..I started dreaming ….. :D

“I am the immortal , baptized in fire

Unable to die unless I desire

I am the light piercing the darkest dawn

I am the human spirit , Walking on …”

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  1. toooooooooooooo boooooooooring for you to be in hell. the singer of iron maiden is bruce dickenson and not steve harris. you r a bull shit man!!!!! and not fit to be a rocker.

    FROM 666

    1. Satan on March 10th, 2009 at 7:40 pm

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