Quark 2012: The Annual Tech-Fest to be held in Goa from 3rd Feb

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The day of reckoning approaches at an alarming rate, and before your mind jumps to conclusions, no we are not talking about the prophesized time of tribulation aka the apocalypse. This year, the technical fest of Bits Pilani K.K. Birla Goa campus, Quark, is all armed to blow your mind away its motto of ‘Challenge, Compete, Evolve’. It proposes to do so with relentless enthusiasm, the potpourri of technical events for the analytical mind bearing testimony to this proposal.

With a plethora of events such as Quest, Wall street revolution, Digilogica, Burnout, Sindbad the sailor, Geek and Latin, Raiders of the lost ark, Celesticon, M.A.D, Newtons Junkyard, AOE, DOTA, NFS and Sustain a Build among others, Quark gives you the all-in-one package.  In this attractive melange of aeromodelling, robotics, electronics, entrepreneurship, gaming and many others, everyone finds their groove in one place or the other.

A number of workshops for those willing to try their hand in the industrial and entrepreneurial sector also adorns the Quark periphery and adds to its allure. With workshops on Android App development by Robotech labs, Haptic Robotic Arm by Technophilia Systems, Touch 1.0 technology by i3indyaTM Technologies, Stop Motion Animation by Hitesh Gusani, Business Law workshop by iPleaders with a certification by NUJS, and IC engine assembling workshop by AerotriX, Quark 2012 will prove to be a mecca for those inspired to learn through hands on experience.

Enthralling exhibits such as Mobile Planetarium, Miniature Models by Iqbal Ahmed and gaming innovations give you a tiny sneak-peak into a technical utopia. As if the events weren’t enough already, the special nights ‘Aurora’ is sure to set the ambience cascading into a psychedelic odyssey towards the zenith of intellectual affluence with the likes of Shantanu Moitra and Arvind Jayashankar this year. Owing to the immaculate organization of events, Quark promises to ignite ingenious minds to transcending barriers and inspiring innovations. This year, in an effort to develop an environmental conscience in the students, Quark exhibits Bits GCON with its theme Alternate Energy Sources. For the lords of the gaming world, Matka presents a unique opportunity to waken the demon in their souls, get the adrenalin pumping and battle it out till death do them justice. BITSMUN, a model United Nations, aimed at providing an insight into the working of the UN, international relations of global relevance and diplomacy, affords a pronounced edge to Quark 2012. Quark concatenates quintessential technical expertise coming from the top-notch intellectual strata and serves it on one brimming platter. So even if the starters seem a tad bit overwhelming, ensure that you reserve some appetite for the sumptuous main course that is sure to follow at Quark 2012.

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