Pratima elected GPYC president

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Senior Youth Congress leader from the state, Ms Pratima Coutinho was on Thursday elected as the new president of the Goa Pradesh Youth Congress in a keenly contested election by secret ballot, held for the first time by the Foundation for Advanced Management of Election.

The elections were marred by allegations of corrupt practices which led to disqualification of Ms Valanka Alemao, daughter of the PWD Minister Mr Churchill Alemao, by the election commission of the Indian Youth Congress from contesting the election.Ms Coutinho, who polled in 340 votes out of 460 votes cast by the eligible Youth Congress members in the state, defeated her nearest rival Mr Xavier Fialho, who got 335 votes, by a margin of five votes. As the margin of victory was very small, recount was sought by the losing candidate three times before the final results were declared.As per the norms, Mr Fialho, the second highest vote getter, was declared elected as the vice president. Others who were elected to the committee are Mr Jitesh Kamat, Ms Gauri Shirodkar, Mr Adil Ahmed Tinwale and Mr Gautam Bhagat, all general secretaries.

Ms Pratima Coutinho in a jovial mood after emerging victorious in the GPYC elections. (Nandesh Kambli)

A visibly moved Ms Coutinho thanked the youth for having voted her to head the GPYC, even as she assured to take the youth wing of the Congress to greater heights. “The youth of Congress have chosen their leader,” she said. She also said that the Youth Congress members have voted for a loyal and non-corrupt Congress worker who has struggled along with others to build a strong youth organisation in the state for over 12 years.Another senior Youth Congress leader told The Navhind Times that inspite of a lot of pressure from powerful leaders, the Youth Congress members stood their ground and voted for the candidate of their choice. “The Youth Congress members did not bow down to the mighty and powerful,” he added.

In the election to the North Goa parliamentary constituency, Mr Varad Mardolkar was elected as the president. He secured 142 votes, while Mr Sarvesh Thali, who polled 69 votes, was elected as the vice president. Messrs Amir Khusro Jamadar, Cannigia Carvalho, Manisha Fernandes and Savio Martins were elected as general secretaries.In South Goa, the post of president was won by Mr Shirish Nayak (177 votes), while Ms Rayna Fernandes (120 votes) was elected as the vice president. Messrs Amar Phadte, Dayesh Naik, Dionizio Dias, Ramesh Parab and Zameer Ahmed Narangi were elected as general secretaries.

The Goa Pradesh Congress Committee president, Mr Subhash Shirodkar said that the elections have proved that Congress party was a democratic organization and that the elections were on par with those conducted by the Election Commission of India. He said that the youth Congress members put up a very good show in the process. While congratulating the winners in the elections, Mr Shirodkar thanked all those who participated in the electoral process and contributed their strength in building the Congress as a strong democratic organisation.

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  1. …of a party that was spoilt by a Congress Woman !
    It was an evening that had panned out as desired by its architects, my friends , whom I was meeting after a year at this prominent watering hole in the South of Goa. The place was full of people from across the country, dining, celebrating and having a good time as we all do in Goa. Smiling faces both known and unknown made up for the warmth required on a cool winter night. It all went as planned untill a certain someone on my table said that that Mr. Yedurappa (BJP);Mr. Karunanidhi (DMK); Dr.Manmohan Singh stood for the current generation of Gandhiji’s “three monkeys”-hear no evil, see no evil , speak no evil. The next thing I noticed was a commotion, a certain lady butted into our conversation, “you can’t say that, not when I am here, I am the State President of Goa Youth Congress, this is my state!” For once I felt I should have stood up and replied, but thought of the others seated around and decided against it. I would be spoiling their dinner! I pitied her, so naïve, priorities so misplaced, so ill informed & I remained silent. My friends told her it wasn’t polite of her to eavesdrop on our conversation, that we have a democracy out here, that it wasn’t her state but the peoples’ state and we are its people. There was no respite.A
    Now the comment that incited her, if at all was a compliment! Gandhiji, was one of the pioneering forces of The Indian National Congress and he in his own words told his followers to emulate the three monkeys that shut their ears, eyes and mouth respectively. By saying that someone is like Gandhiji’s monkey, it means he is following the path laid down by Gandhiji. It nowhere means that you are a ‘monkey’. I expected the Youth Congress President to have the maturity and insight to understand this. It’s ok to fiercely guard your party, but I wasn’t dining in Gaddafi’s Cuba or Saddam’s Iraq but I certainly felt that way-intimidated, threatened and horrified! Gaddafi and Saddam learnt their lesson the hard way, now do we need to reinvent the wheel out here in Goa or can we be smart enough?

    1. Prapanch on December 12th, 2011 at 11:57 am
  2. It surprises me time and over again how uncivilised behavior of the so-called democratic representatives of political parties climb to power in a society that’s tryin to emerge civil. While enjoying an evening with friends at a popular restaurant in betalbatim we were rudely interrupted by some strange uncivilised eaves dropping woman sitting at the table next to ours, whose only intention was to make it intently clear that she was some part of the youth congress in goa who blatantly did not respect the democratic opinions of the public and whose idea of democracy seems to be suppressing the free speech which happens to be one of the tenets of democracy. Ironically all the members at our table were pro congress and after this incident makes us think twice about the calibre and quality that seems to make up the congress party!! The person of course is pratima whatever who claims to be a die hard congress member who unfortunately does not posses the same etiquette or class of a person like mr. Manmmohan singh!!

    2. kurt barros on December 12th, 2011 at 12:59 am

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