Mobike sales boom as Goa polls near

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Uttar Pradesh may be done with the elections but the Assembly Elections in Goa are just a few weeks away.

And for that matter, motorcycles are being sold in great numbers in Goa, enough to make the Election Commission (EC) sit and take notice.

SALES PITCH: The EC has noticed a spurt in the sale of motorbikes as the Assembly Elections nears.

The EC has noticed a spurt in the sale of motorbikes, as the Assembly Elections is getting closer. It fears politicians are driving the latest boom, as it tries to woo voters.

“We have seen that in the past several days there has been a high sale of motorcycles. About 700 motorcycles have been sold in seven days, some financed through banks and some by finance companies. The Election Commission has directed to file a FIR with Police and Investigation by the Income Tax Commissioner to link it with the prospective candidates,” says Chief Election Officer, Goa, Ramesh Negi.

But those in the business of selling bikes feel the rise in sales has got nothing to do with the upcoming Assembly Elections.

“As an entrepreneur for the last seven years, my answer is no. The trend has remained constant – 10 to 15 per sent. It has not abnormally increased. If you are asking me whether there is increase in sales because of elections, my answer is big no,” says MD, Goa Rajee, Vinay Kunkolkar.

Such type of two wheelers has become a major tool to lure the Goan voters. They don’t only give you support of youngsters, but also grab votes of their entire family too.

Full story : IBNlive

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