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I was pleasantly surprised to watch abhishek play the title role “Guru“. Also hats off to mani ratnam for such a brave attempt.

Casts: Abhishek and Aishwarya in Guru

The story is about a villager guru (abhishek) who always dreams big. He is the son of a local maths teacher, who fails in to meet his father’s expectations. He works in turkey for some years, gets some lump sum and returns to his village to start a new business. He marries his friend’s sister (Ayshwariya), to get enough money as dowry to start a new business. In the city he is in the beginning helped by the owner to “The Independent” daily, called nanaji (Mithun), who later gets upset with his wrong ways and decides to bring his empire to an end. He, along with his chief reporter shyam (madhavan) decides to expose all of guru’s wrong ways.

Of the cast abhishek is awesome. He has done marvelously the drift from the young villager to the central aged business man. I terms of his diction, appearance and actions. Ayshwaria is passable. She is good at certain places. However she is not completely out of her dancing doll image, and dances and emotes at many places, which was not essential for the role of a plain villager. For instance her actions on the swing when he first comes to their house were not required. In the later part as a supportive wife, she is very good.

Mithun is the surprise package, he is the scene stealer in every scene he is present. Guru’s good to see the 3 time national award winner in an award winning performance. There can have been no better choice for this role. Madhavan looks good in the passable role. He has done full justice to how much ever be given to him. VIdhya who plays mithus grand daughter, is thoroughly wasted. Little more could have been put into her role.

Of the other cast, manoj joshi who plays gurus friend and roshan seth who plays the jury, have done a excellent work.

Music is average. How ever Guru is apt in what the movie demands. Thank fully all songs are very situational and saves the movie from becoming a musical like dil se.

On the whole,Guru is an excellent movie. All abhishek fans should watch this show. And if you hated him for dhoom2, please go and watch and rethink your conclusion.

Roshni Thomas 

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