Gujarat angle in ‘college girl’ sex racket nailed in Goa

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The sex tourism issue has taken a fresh turn in the so-called internationally acclaimed tourist destination of Goa after a spate of raids by police on prostitution rackets in the State over recent weeks having unearthed what could be major racket being run with girl students, primarily from Mumbai, being trafficked into Goa for sexual encounters. The girls are lured into the sleaze trap, police sources told HERALD, with the promise of a “great holiday” and are used sexually by the group that pays for their tickets, accommodation and other holiday expenses; subsequently, at the end of the “holiday”, some of the girls are pushed into the call girl/prostitution racket that “supplies” ~ complete with advertisements ~ “college girls” to clients i.e. mainly Indian sex tourists.
“We have found that reasonably well off Indian tourists, especially from Gujarat, are the main users of this ‘service’ and many a times they have misled these young, somewhat naive girls recently out of school into believing that they are being taken for an all-expense paid holiday. We have found this to be a clear trend after analyzing the outcome of a series of raids on massage parlours and other joints that double up as prostitution dens,” said an officer who has been part of the raids.
Leading South Goa-based NGO ARZ, working in the field of rehabilitating girls trafficked into the sex trade, told HERALD that such “deals” are usually struck outside Goa but the tourist spots in the State are being exploited for the illicit activity. NGO ARZ Director Arun Pandey said young girls are being lured to Goa with the promise of great holiday where they don’t have to pay anything. “All their expenses are paid by the group that has persuaded the girls, usually known to at least one member of the group, to join them ~ the girls have to return the favour by allowing sex,” he said. Some of the girls are forced to stay back in Goa and enter the call girl racket.
Police have also noticed that in a move to avoid detection at border check-posts when entering the states, groups of sex tourists rarely if ever travel with the girl. Pandey said the group of men could comprise students or businessmen and they usually meet the “girls” at a disco or nightclub in Goa from where they are taken to hotel rooms or other places. Data accessed by HERALD shows the victims are as young as 19 and usually come from middle class homes. These girls usually travel in a group led by an older woman (who is in effect the pimp). It so happens that many of them do not know they are being trafficked into prostitution. Some of the members of the group may be sex workers, however, and once they all land in Goa the girls who have come under the impression that they are here on a holiday often get sucked into the sleaze trade, added Pandey.

Courtesy : Herald

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