Gujarat achieved higher growth during Congress regime : Naik, MP Goa

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Shantaram Naik M P and Secretary AICC, said at Rajkot that although Shri Narendra Modi , Chief Minister of Gujarat is being projected as ‘Vikas Purush’ (man of development)but , in reality, the manner in which  Modi has been ruling his State, he can only be called ‘Vinash Purush’ (man of destruction) .

Naik who ,along with Mr K Rehman Khan, Union Minister for Minority Affairs were deputed by AICC to release the manifesto of Gujrat Pradesh Congress Committee at Rajkot. Addressing media Mr Naik said that during 1983-84 Congress Chief Minister of Gujrat Shri Madhavsingh Solanki achieved a growth rate of 30.06 %, during Congress Chief Minister Amarsingh Chaudhari’s Chief Ministership , growth rate in the year 85-89 was 12.64 % but Mr Choudhari achieved highest ever growth rate of 40.18 % in 1988-89, Chimanbhai Patel achieved the growth rate of 16.77 % and 34.33 % in the period 90-94 and 92-93, respectively.

However,  Naik said that during Mr Modi’s regime of ten years the growth rate did not cross 11 %.  Naik said that Mr Modi acquired thousands of acres of land from poor farmers and gave the same to his favorite industrialists for peanuts.

Congress manifesto will be treated as sacrosanct as Geeta , bible and Koran and said that tremendous hard work has gone in preparing the same. But ,  Naik said Gujarat BJP’s manifesto is what Modi utters from his mouth , and that, the real manifesto of BJP is always hidden ,and that ,consists of only one point, divide and rule.

Naik said that when a patient is serious one brings an eminent doctor and added that Modi has made Gujarat sick , and therefore ,he had to bring a renowned ‘physician’ like Amitabh Bachan to cure Gujarat.

Rehman Khan ,Union Minister of Minority Affairs said that there is an undercurrent in Gujarat and there may some surprises coming out through election results. Very fact that BJP did not give a single ticket to minorities shows his disinterest in minorities.

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