Gudi Padwa – A new year celebration

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The Gudi Padwa festival marks the beginning of the Hindu new year
in Goa. Also known as Sansar Padwa, it is considered one of the most auspicious days to start new business ventures. The Hindu calendar year begins with the onset of Vasant season (spring) in Chaitra.

In some parts of Goa, Shigmo festival concludes on the day of Gudi Padwa. Once many villages situated in the remote corner of the Sahyadri hills were involved in the performances of Ranmale, a popular form of folk drama. Besides, Sattari and Sanguem, villages from Karnataka and Maharashtra bordering these talukas have performances of the Ranmale during the 5-day celebration of the Shigmo or on the Gudi Padwa’s night.

In various parts of Goa, the new year celebration is observed with various cultural performances on the previous day of Gudi Padwa. In Nanoda, Bicholim, a folk dance called ghodemodni is performed besides the performance of virbhadra. In Gaondongri, unmarried youth from the Velip community take part in Dinya Jatra’. The carry a stick of dino (Leea indica) decorated with flowers.

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