Goa’s sanctuaries be recognised as tiger habitat: Experts

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Environmentalists in Goa feel that wildlife sanctuaries in the coastal state should be declared as habitat fit for tiger survival since a small number of the big cats exist there. “All forest areas in Goa including wildlife sanctuaries of Mhadei, Netravati, Khotigao, Mollem and adjoining sanctuaries of Dandeli, Hanshi and Radhanagri are potential tiger habitats,” environmentalist Nirmal Kulkarni said.

While Hanshi is already declared as tiger reserve, Goa’s wild is yet to get the formal recognition. The environmentalists feel that since technically Goa cannot have tiger reserve due to geographical constraints, the state’s forests should at least be declared as Tiger Conservation Unit II (TCU).

For any TCU I, there has to be a land requirement of an area measuring 500 sq kms of “inviolate space” (without human habitation). “Also, what we can do is to press with the Tiger Conservation Authority (TCA) to initiate a study, which will confirm the presence of tigers in Goa’s wild,” Kulkarni said.

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