Goans celebrate harvest festival of Konsachem

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Goans celebrated their harvest festival of’Konsachem’ on Sunday.

A Christian priest symbolically cut a bunch of corn to signal the start of the festival.

Farmers from several villages congregated at Raia Village on the outskirts of Madgao to attend a service and the ensuing festivities.

The event was held at the unusually named Our Lady of The Snows Church at Raia in Salcete sub-division.

The feast is known locally as Konsachem Fest after the sheaves (konsa) of rice harvest which are cut at the time of the celebration.

Cypriano Da Silva, a priest at the Our Lady of Snows Church, said: “We are happy to say that we always need to thank God for the gift, this new corn. He has blessed us that we should have abundant rain so that we may have all this new corn.”

The festival brought all communities together, irrespective of their caste, creed or religion.

“Since we all live as a human community comprising of Hindus, Muslims and Catholics, it is but natural that we all give thanks as one community to the almighty,” Da Silva said.

The priest also gave his blessings to all villagers for a rich harvest for future seasons and distributed the sheaves among those assembled.

In Goa, it’s a common belief that keeping the blessed corn at homes brings prosperity.

The church has a sickle which is said to have been specially sent across to Goa, by the Pope during Portuguese rule.

The feast is also celebrated with all pomp and splendour at the Taleigao Church near Panaji. Here some of the sheaves which are cut by the local priest are also sent to the Governor of Goa and the Archbishop of Goa Diocese as a symbol of love, good wishes and prosperity. On this day as per tradition, a football tournament is held at the local grounds among the clubs of the surrounding areas.


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