Goa wants more share from Central Coffers

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Goa has decided to demand enhanced state share from the centre as an incentive for good governance. “Goa gives around Rs 10,000 crore to centre in the form of various taxes. The state should get incentives for its good governance as the money is required to manage the infrastructure which is built in the state,” Goa’s Lok Sabha member Fransisco Sardinha told reporters today.

He said that some of the states including Goa are being punished because they have good social indicators. “In our country, some states which are performing are being punished. Because of their good social indicators, they don’t get much in the planned budget,” Sardinha, a Congress Parliamentarian, said this morning. The MP said that he had brought it to the notice of Union Finance Minister that `Goa is being punished for its efficiency.’

Sardinha said that Goa is contributing to the tune of Rs 10,000 crores to the central government coffers in the form of various taxes. “In addition, we get foreign exchange to the country and hence we should get due share in the central fund,” he said.

The former chief minister, when asked, however, could not quantify how much does the state expect from the central coffers, this time around.

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