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Goa has something that keeps tourists flocking out here and in hordes. A kind of hypnotism that catches hold of your sensibilities, and makes you feel nostalgic to come back again and again.


Spectacular Climate of Goa, warm and soothing, glorious history richly preserved in churches, forts, traditional homes, villages and cities. You come home to Goa, an exoticism that greets with all cosmopolitan vigor and enthusiasm. Spectacular pageantry, colorful Festivals of Goa, warm and gracious people and superb cuisine, Goa is one of India’s most laid back, yet sophisticated and exciting, destinations.


From miles and miles of sunny Beaches of Goa snaring a charm that hooks, it’s all here, far away from the beaten tracks; it’s travelers’ paradise. Discover a romantic and other-century Goa that lives in its medieval small towns, and beautiful villagers, with rich flora and fauna.

Beaches of Goa are much advanced than that of other beaches in India, no less than any European beach, Goa has sun and sand, and water sports facilities that include from water scooters to water gliding. Anjuna Beach has fluorescent painted palm trees and infamous full moon parties. Baga Beach is an exotic combination of sand and sea. Chapora Beach is a leisure paradise. Colva Beach is a hot season retreat. You desire and have the kind of beach you dream of in Goa.


The capital city of Panjim has several squares and closely knot Houses of Goa with tiled roofs and over-hanging balconies and carved pillars that add to an otherworldly charm to the place. Old Goa is full of beautiful buildings and palaces. Check out the buildings of the Se Cathedral, the Church Of Francis of Assisi, Church of St. Cajetan and Church of Our Lady of the Rosary. Check out imortant Churches of Goa

Goa also has India’s one of the best known bird sanctuaries – The Salim Ali Bird sanctuary. Named after India’s veteran ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali, the sanctuary is situated on the western tip of the island of Chorao along river Mandovi near Panaji. Spread out in an area of 1.8 Sq Km, it harbors a wide variety of local and migratory birds. Eastern Goa which forms most of the Western Ghats have been internationally recognized as one of the biodiversity hotspots.

Goa has three rich wildlife sanctuaries to boast of. Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary is the biggest, located on the Northeast border of Goa at Molem, about 60kms from Panaji. Cottigao Wildlife Sanctuary at Cottigao has dense forests and great variety of wildlife species. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary about 50kms from Panaji has jungle resorts with tourists cottages for a wonderful outing and exciting picnic.

The Goa’s Food is a potpourri of cuisines from Portugal, Western India and Arabia. Goa is one of the few places in India that you can go to a restaurant and order (beside fish and chicken) both beef and pork. These are usually served very lightly spiced; beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks are sold freely. Feni is a very nice local drink.
How to Reach Goa

By Air
Goa lacks in an international airport, but it does have a domestic airport at Dabolim from where flights leave for most major cities in India. Charter international flights and other International flights from Kuwait and Sharjah do land at Goa.

By Rail/Train
The 760kms long Konkan Railways makes Goa an easily accessible spots. It takes about 10hrs to reach to Goa from Mumbai by train.

By Road Goa Map
NH-17 and NH-4 are the two major highways that connect Goa to the rest of India. There are various options to choose from if you are willing to take roads to reach Goa. There are luxury coaches and private cars to take you there. Intra-city ride is also well connected with buses both private and the government owned bus services connecting almost every inhabited village. There is a unique form of transport -the Motorcycle Taxi, driven by motorcycle Pilots. You can also have private Yellow top Cabs, vans and Limousines on hire.

Fascinating Vacations in Goa

In the rush of everyday living, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to give as much time as we like to ourselves and our loved ones. Under such circumstances, vacations come as a breath of fresh air specially ones that we plan to spend in the fascinating land of Goa. Famed worldwide for its beaches and churches, Goa is truly a visitor’s paradise and a hot tourist destination topping everyone’s holiday list. If you also want to visit this wonderland, book yourself with Fascinating Vacations in Goa.

Resting on the slopes of the Western Ghats, Goa is surrounded by Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra in North, by Belgaum on East, Karwar Districts of Karnataka on South and Arabian Sea on the West. The rivers Tiracol, Chapora, Mandovi, Zuari, Sal and Talpona flow through Goa to finally merge with the Arabian Sea, breaking the long coastline that is 105 kms in length. Goa, a precious jewel in the crown of India, is studded with churches, temples, and beaches and promises a vacation that will remain embedded in your mind and soul.
Before being liberated from the Portuguese Colonisation by the Indian Army in 1961, Goa was ruled by many dynasties, such as, Rashtrakutas, Kadambas, Silaharas, Chalukyas and more. It is often said that one of the reasons for the popularity of Goa as a tourist destination is the nature of the Goan people who welcome any stranger with open arms. Some of the famous beaches of Goa are Calangute, Vagator, Anjuna, Colva, Palolem, Dona Paula, Arambol, Agonda and many more beaches. Besides thiese, the enthralling churches, temples, mesmerizing flora and fauna, and mouth watering cuisine all make Goa a must see for everyone today.

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  7. Hey guys thanks for the Lovely advice….Hearing about all the great stuff about Goa actually made me book my own holiday there to bit.ly/GoGoaCnK Hope to have a great time !!! I so wannt check out the beaches there.They look so Awesome! :)

  8. A Letter from me to the Goan Herald March 2011

    I have holidayed in Goa for the last 15 yrs and over that period; I have become an avid reader of the Goan Herald. With the advent of the Web, it has meant I can keep up to date on all the issues printed in your newspaper, all the year round.

    Being a retiree, my stay in Goa over the last 5 yrs has been extended. Now I stay in Betalbatim from the middle of December until the middle of April. I rent one of the many apartments built onto family homes which have been extended to accommodate holiday makers who prefer to live in a Goan home rather than stay in a hotel.

    I would like to comment on a number of issues which are levelled against we Europeans, from time to time in your letters page.

    One well known politician questioned the value to the tourist industry of the long stayers like me. He announced that the longest tourist visa I should be allowed to purchase in future would three months. When I arrived back home in April I contacted the Visa Office in London and they said they knew nothing about it. In May I purchase my return flights to Goa through Kingfisher Airlines and in early November I purchased my normal 6 months visa from London. I am now being told the 6 month tourist visas were withdrawn the last week of November 2010. If we get home this April and find only 3 month visas are available, then we intend to go to Vietnam next year. We are told by someone who hasn’t come to Goa this year it is like the Goa of 10years ago in terms of cost. An important consideration to me with my fixed pension.

    A few years back, the hotels decided they would wage war on the shacks by only giving prices for all inclusive holiday packages. To me, Goa is the shacks, and the shacks are Goa. Up to the time they changed their tariff, I had always booked my holiday package through Thomson on a bed & breakfast arrangement at the Nanu Resort. I loved it there but what I didn’t like, was being dictated to. Over the years I had met and made friends with many Goans in the villages so I asked around and the next time I holidayed here I stayed in a block of holiday apartments. Owned by Goans I might add.

    The amount of holiday lets in the villages in houses built with the hard earned money by the cruise line members of different families, has increased massively. Now, I wouldn’t dream of staying here in a hotel ever again. The action of the Hoteliers has backfired although it led to another scam. Vis-à-vis Shack Licences.

    Male writers often complain the European ladies dress in an immoral way which offends their Asian sensibilities. We are just as offended by the extreme dress code imposed by your male dominated society which results in your ladies having to bathe in the sea in their street clothes. The more enlightened Asian ladies who have emigrated and are visiting here from abroad, can be seen in the sea in bathing costumes. If the complainers are suggesting the Europeans should conform to the dress code of Asia then why, having gone to live in European countries, do the Asian men & women insist on retaining their own dress code of their mother country.

    Most of all, we are offended by the way Asian men treat women as second class citizens. This is most noticeable on your buses where the Brits will give up their seats to ladies whereas even the young Goan men coming home from school; refuse to give up their seats for the elderly and infirm who are standing.

    Then we see the example of men urinating in public. You won’t see that in the UK.

    Worst than that in my opinion, is to watch a gorgeous beautiful, sari clad young lady walking down towards me as happened just a few days ago. I was shopping in Margoa when she cleared her throat and projected a missile of spittle which would have put many Premier Footballers to shame. Unfortunately, her spitting was the abiding image I was seeing when I watched Miss India become Miss Universe on the T/V. It really does destroy the illusion.

    Why doesn’t the government clamp down on spitting? They know spitting is the way TB is transmitted and why it rife in the Asian Continent. Not only that but people are exporting it back to the UK where it was eliminated for years.

    Foreigners are being blamed for the explosion of building going on in the state. Absolute rubbish! Isn’t it strange that we see the situation so very differently. I cannot talk about all areas of Goa but I do know that the advent of the massive houses in the little villages is a by product of your men folk wisely chasing the US Dollar and working on the cruise liners. But it is not a modern phenomena. We know because we come here so often and are invited to Goan family gatherings. One house we regularly visit was transformed over 30 years ago and since then two more modern dwellings have been built on the same large family plot.

    In the press it is reported there is a presumption of not allowing outsiders to purchase property here. Can you imagine the uproar from the Asian community in the UK if that had been imposed there in the past. I am reliably informed your Goan Keith Vaz, MP in the UK Parliament shows 5 dwellings in his Register of Interest. I am also reliably informed he also owns a property here in Goa in Betalbatim. You readers will probably be amazed that I am 100% in agreement with your policy of not allowing foreigners to purchase property in Goa. If you do not impose it strictly, you will go down the route where you no longer own and control your own country. Look up the history of the Fiji Islands from the 1950,s if you want an example of total takeover by others.

    What I also want to emphasise, is that before others can build, they must buy the land from Goans. In this accusation I absolve those Goans who have been scammed by their own politicians who under the guise of compulsory purchase take the land and then sell it off to speculators who illegally build dwellings which the politicians then condone.

    Being British we are brought up to respect of the rule of law. Reading your newspapers suggest to me that Goa threw that principal out the window years ago. Corruption is rife here. It is treated just like another part of the true entrepreneurial spirit. The ordinary man in the street will argue it is the rich and the powerful that are corrupt. I have to tell them that corruption is fed from the bottom up. Only by refusing to pay will it be beaten. I have listened to all the arguments for paying bribes but the man in the street will have to look at them selves when they read about the corruption by the rich and powerful. Only they can stop it.

    I had to smile when a political rally held on the football field in front of the Betalbatim Church had more seats for a political event than I have ever seen. Could the popularity of the man be commensurate with the 100 rupee note fixed to each seat. I am reliably informed there was some disquiet expressed by the important guests invited to occupy the front seats. This was caused by the fact they did not receive the 500 Rupee notes they were promised would be attached to their seats.

    It is impossible to read the Herald without seeing felicitations bestowed upon politicians for various reasons. Recently I asked a number of shack owners why they inserted these adverts, and how much they cost. It was to commemorate a particular politician’s birthday. They were all reluctant to tell me the cost but they did disclose the effusive praise encompassed in the wording was given to them by “others”. They said if they hadn’t put the advert into the newspaper, the likelihood was when the shacks come up next year they would fail to get them in the lottery. No shack – no earnings – no food. QED. Does anyone agree with me when I say those adverts smack of Idolatry? Even worse when a man promotes his daughter in such a way.

    The very worst of all is the corruption of, and by, the police. Without upholding the rule of law your society is doomed. Evidence of this is all around us.

    The unfolding saga of Cipriano Fernandes. Allegedly murdered in police custody.

    My wife and I watching from a shack on the beach as the lad who was giving me a massage was interupted by a police sergeant walking along the waters edge. His “official” job was to collect “fees” from various miscreants to allow their illegal activities to proceed. The lad had to pay extra because he was giving massages without a licence and he was also from “Out of State”.

    A policeman outside Dabolin Airport, pulled over our taxi driver when we were meeting a relative from the UK. The driver did not have on the correct shirt. He told us the fine, if he had received an official ticket, was about 500Rupees. If he paid 200 rupees straight to the policeman it would lead to an admonishment. He paid the 200 Rupees. He said if he had received the official ticket it would have meant he would also lose a day’s earnings attending court. ETC., ETC., ETC.

    For the first 10yrs of my annual holidays in Goa, at least once on each visit I would get up at 3am, walk down to the beach to watch and admire the traditional Goan fishermen, plying their craft. Over the years the number of boats crewed by various village personal, had shrunk to almost zero, although it looks as though more are fishing this year. The reason, in my humble opinion was because their catch got less and less. Again, in my humble opinion, this was caused by the commercial fishing boats trawling within a mile of the beach. According to a report a few years back in your newspaper, this is against the law. Why is it not enforced?

    One enlightening story in your paper last year was when a Judge found a bag outside his front door with approximately £20,000 in it. He handed it in. The assumption was, the bag had been placed on the wrong judges door step. I wonder what happened to it. Did it go the same way as the drugs seized on the streets and sold back onto the street by the same policemen empowered to stop drug dealing.

    Coming back to pronouncements by your polititians. On one occasion I’m sure he was accusing we long stayers, of being responsible for a lot of the rubbish despoiling this lovely land. That is another joke. Most of us stay in homes in villages and if the rubbish I generate was collected and disposed of like in other environmentally aware countries, there could be no accusations levelled at us. Instead of having a go at us, he should spend some time walking the sandy foreshore. There is virtually no rubbish there. That’s where the Europeans spend their time. He should walk up onto the top of the bund behind the beach and there the rubbish is an absolute disgrace. It is left there by Asians who visit the dunes; bringing there music equipment which they switch on, then go down and use the foreshore for cricket and football. After they leave, having enjoyed a day of pleasure, they leave all their rubbish behind. I can only concur with the article in your paper and written by Anthony Simoes; 15th February 2011, when he writes “India- the environmental shithouse of the world”.

    Having written all the above, I still love the place. Basically the people of Goa are a breath of fresh air compared to many other nationalities. We love their devotion to their religions, the cement that holds their society together. Over the years we have learned to ignore the bits which are unacceptable like the rubbish, corruption etc., etc. simply because it doesn’t impact on our lives.

    What we cannot ignore is the stories of your medical students being given (sold?) copies of their medical examinations. The question it imposes is how many Asian Doctors are working in Europe with qualifications they effectively bought. That is criminal in the extreme where someone’s life depends upon the doctor treating them.

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  11. Goa Vacation has a lot to offer the tourist seeking a fun filled beach vacation. Its idyllic tropical white sand beaches and warm tropical waters beckon to those who want to just relax. Really interesting.

  12. How can you find these apartments that are attched to peoples houses that they are renting? What is the going rate for these?

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