Goa tourism Department rebuts charges

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Tourism Department reacted to the allegations and said they have been made based on wrong information. “The allegations are false, misleading and attempts to malign the new beach cleaning initiative of the department,” a statement released by Tourism Department says.

The department said that no payments have been made to the contractor for works not undertaken by them and that inspections of the beach belt are carried out by officials and committees constituted and payments are made based on the reports submitted by the officials and the committees.

“The Department of Tourism reiterates that no payments have been made where terms and conditions of the contract have not been fulfilled,” says the statement.

The proposal for erection of composting pits and segregation pits and portable cabins is awaiting the approval of the GCZMA which has given approval for one segregation pit and portable cabin in each of the beach stretch, the department clarified.

It said 720 dustbins have been deployed every 100 meters. However, no payments have been made for placing of the dustbins to the contractor. It also said that no payments have been made to the contractors for deployment of tractors. Regarding laborers, the department said that the contractors have 216 labourers and the department has effected deductions for not providing laborers on the beach stretches.

“The contractor is not paid for the things he has not complied with as such there is no question of reimbursement as has been demanded,” the statement says.

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