Goa takes preventive measures against flu

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Following Union Health Ministry’s alert in the state, Goa government has heightened the preventive measures against possible spreading of Swine Flu and commissioned surveillance at airport and railway station.

A government spokesman said that a vigil is on 85,000 pig population in Goa and a strict watch is kept on the pork meat entering the state through Maharashtra and Karnataka borders.

The health screening has already begun at Goa airport from April 29 onwards by the Department of Health Services.

Also, the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services has sounded a statewide alert and monitored movement of around 85,000 pigs in the entire state, he said.

The pig farmers have been asked to maintain preventive management schedule in case of outbreak of virus in the state. The Directorate of Health Services has instructed all community health centres, primary health centres, district hospitals and other entities like private hospitals, laboratories, general practitioners to step up the active surveillance and maintain vigil and to report immediately any illness in the community.

The state rapid response team consisting of state epidemiologist, senior physician and microbiologist have been asked to investigate reports about rumours of diseases. Each and every suspected case is being investigated thoroughly by the rapid response team.

Courtesy: TIO

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