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North Goa’s Asvem beach is buzzing with preparations for the Big Chill, a two-day festival for worshippers of music, art and the art of relaxation.

The Big Chill is an annual festival held in the UK and is being organised in Goa for the first time.

Big Chill 2007 Goa

The festival promises cutting-edge music and punchy performances, and while that may be a tall order, the organizers say that they are up to it.

Perhaps they are considering successful events in locations as varied as the Greek islands, Cairo, Helsinki, Budapest, Prague, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

During the two-day festival, one can catch acts such as Coldcut, The Bays, Norman Jay, Jose Padilla, Chilled By Nature and Mad Professor.

The Big Chill is a dance-music and visual art festival that was kicked off 13 years ago as a day-long event at a chapel in London.

Now that it makes its debut in Goa on Asvem beach, it is certainly expected to draw a big gathering if for no other reason then just out of curiosity as people want to know what the big chill is all about.

Franky Fernandez, NDTV

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  1. We all had a fantastic time in Goa, and I’m looking forward to returning in 2008! Though next time I think it’ll be February so the weather will be a bit more reasonable!

    2. Mixmaster Morris on April 25th, 2007 at 3:18 pm

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