Goa: Seasonal rainfall normal, but monsoon not yet active

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The total seasonal rainfall recorded in Panaji and other parts of Goa is largely normal, and agricultural operations may not be affected if the monsoon becomes active during the next couple of days, said officials from the weather observatory and agriculture department. “Rainfall recorded in Panaji and other areas is more or less normal and the seasonal total is not deficient,” said K V Singh, director, weather observatory, Altinho. The total rainfall recorded in the city till 5.30pm on Saturday was 49.4 cm, as compared to the average of 51 cm, which is considered normal for the period.

The onset of monsoon normally is on June 7, and this year monsoon set in around the same time. While pointing out that “the current is weak”, Singh said that monsoon had not yet become active. The farming operations are likely to be slightly delayed, but the situation is not worrisome yet. “It is not that bad because of intermittent rains during the last few days,” said S P Tendulkar, director of agriculture. “The initial heavy rains have activated the streams and flow to water bodies, and farmers will also get sufficient time for preparation of land. If there is heavy rainfall, it makes the farmers’ work difficult,” he added.

Another official of the agriculture department said that paddy nurseries are ready for transplanting. “Paddy seedlings have to be transplanted within 21 to 30 days, and this is just the right time,” the official said, but added that after transplantation, there should be rainfall within a couple of days. The official also stated that planting of coconuts, mango, cashew and other seedlings can go despite the low rainfall. “They may need watering if it doesn’t rain within a couple of days after being planted,” he said.

The problem of low rainfall is slightly worsened with the lack of cloud cover and the hot sun almost throughout the day, which dries up the soil, sources said.

Courtesy: TOI

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