Goa MP Shantaram Naik holds meeting with HP and BP officials over gas.

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Gas cylinders can be booked by five mathods, namely, registering by visiting personally to the dealer office, by telephone, by giving missed calls, through internet and through the method of interactive voice system, Mr Shantaram Naik was told by the representative of Bharat Petroleum Shri Satyen Nair and Hindustan Petroleum representatives, Shri Jacob Brian and Shri Arvind Singh, at a meeting held by Mr Naik with the two company officials at Margao, recently.

Mr Altinho Gomes , General Secretary of Goa PCC,Mr Subhash Phal Desai, President of South Goa District Congress Committee, Shri J.T.Vaz, Chief Organiser of Congress Seva Dal and Shri Ashok Malkarnekar, Organising Secretary of Goa Seva Dal were present on the occasion .

The two company officials further told Mr Naik that for domestic consumers , the gas cylinders are sold at Rs 418 but government bears the subsidy amount of around Rs.500/-. People can purchase more than fixed quota of six cylinders by paying non-subsidised price of around Rs 911/-.

Shri Shantaram Naik explaining  a point to officials of BP and HP held by him at Margao on Friday with the representatives of the Company. Seen in the picture are: Shri Satyen Nair of BP,Shri Jacob Brian and Arvind Singh of HP, Shri Altinho Gomes, Subhash Phaldesai,J.T.Vaz and Ashok Malkarnekar.

Mr Naik has requested the Company representatives that they should ensure that people are able to interact with dealers offices and with call centre personnel in Konkani language. Mr Naik also urged the company representatives that dealers’ employees should be polite and behave in a people- friendly manner and that, they should be given perfect training to implement new system. Mr Naik was informed that at present there are in all 52 dealers in Goa , out of which 28 belong to H.P,17 to BP and 7 to IOC.

Mr Naik stressed the need of increasing the numbers of these dealers. The two companies have started village-wise tour to explain the new scheme to the people. In a statement issued today, Mr Naik has hoped that the cap of six cylinders will be lifted by the petroleum companies.


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