Goa: Mixed reactions to masterplan

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The masterplan sparked mixed reactions from Panjimites and others who attended the presentation. While some of them raised concerns about the massive budget the execution of the plan would require, others pointed out that the swanky new structures would not be maintained.

“The plan was well-presented and the architects have done a very good job, but executing it would be an uphill task. The consultants should take up one project as a pilot project, perhaps the beautification of St Inez creek, to gain the confidence of the people,” architect Sunil Sardesai suggested.

Installation artist Subodh Kerkar, while impressed with the masterplan, worries that it could swallow up the architectural charm of the city. “Even with all this development, we still want Panaji to look like Panaji. The heritage architecture and old-world charm should not lose out to these swanky new constructions, or it could end up looking like just any other developed city in the world,” he quipped.

The masterplan is being displayed at the old GMC building and residents can meet the engineers from LKS over the next month to suggest changes or improvements in the masterplan.

Courtesy: TOI

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