Goa Government planning gas-based power plant in Goa state

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The Chief Minister, Mr Pratapsingh Rane has said that the government was thinking of setting up a gas-based power plant, and that it has asked Crystal Consultants, a government of India undertaking, to submit a report after studying the economics of bringing gas and setting up the plant.

In an exclusive interview with ‘The Navhind Times’ today, Mr Rane said that a private company has found huge quantities of gas, which could be purchased by the state government to meet its requirement of power generation.

“We want non-polluting power plant and we are moving in the direction to set up a gas based power generating facility, which would be pollution free,” he said. In reply to a question on setting up coal-based plant he said that it was not a good idea in the state as that would lead to pollution.

Replying to another question on meeting the power requirements of the state, he said: “We are not a power generating state, we get power from the neighbouring states. We are trying to negotiate with the power companies on setting up power plants in the neighbouring states for about 150 MW to meet our requirements for the next 3-4 years.”

The Chief Minister also said that Goa required broad roads and the government could construct these roads, he added. He said that the number of vehicles has risen manifold in the state and narrow roads cannot take the load as such there was need for broader roads, which would help to prevent accidents.

“We need to have a superhighway with atleast six lanes from North to South and one more from Mormugao port to hinterland. These two highways would solve lot of congestion problems on the state roads,” he said further.

As regards to tackling the issue of encroachments by the roadside, he said that there should be proper setbacks on the new highways and the authorities should not allow any encroach-ments on them. “We would use modern technology to find out any encroachment and the officers would have to ensure that they were removed,” he added.

The Chief Minister further said that waste disposal was a big and pressing problem in the state and everybody (people as well as politicians) has to join hands to tackle this problem at earliest.

“We need to set up two waste treatment plants (one in North and the other in South) or a single one that is centrally located, he said adding that modern day technology in this field was quite efficient and we have asked the consultants to give us feasibility report.

Speaking about his achievements in creation of infrastructural facilities in the state, Mr Rane said that provision of water to the people for drinking and irrigation was his first priority as the Chief Minister and that he had also ensured that all the villages in the state were accessible by roads.

Replying to a question on people still facing hardship in getting proper water supply, he said though water connectivity has been given to almost all the people, storage of water was a problem and that he planned to tackle this issue soon.

The Chief Minister said that his government planning to set up water storage tanks in every township and also balancing reservoirs. He said that proposals to this effect would be made in the forthcoming budget.

Mr Rane said that he also created infrastructure for education and that the Goa University was set up during his tenure as the chief minister, besides setting up various schools, higher secondary schools and colleges being set up in the state.

He also said that the ship building institute was also set up during his tenure and that this institute would soon become a maritime university. He also set up Industrial Training Institute in every taluka to meet the demand of the industry. We also set up 15-20 industrial estates in Goa; he said many of that were set up during his tenure.

He also said that he gave a big boost to fishing industry by allowing deep see fishing with the help of purseiners, that were copied from the two purseiners that existed during the Portuguese regime.

Power Plant (Modern) Model

We had a cold storage in Panaji that was demolished by the previous government. We will try to set up an alternative facility in the long term, but it would be better if the fishermen’s co-operatives set up these facilities and mange them, we can subsidise them.

As regards to agriculture, he said that though that has been his favourite subject he could not succeed in making it a success as it failed to pick up because of various reasons including high labour cost. “We are trying to make it a success by encouraging mechanised farming and promoting cash crops,” he said.

He also said that he was able to save lots of forests, when he became a minister in the cabinet of Dayanand Bandodkar. He said that prior to that there was lot of forest cutting was allowed for sugarcane plantation and he had stopped that practice. He said that he was responsible for setting up Cotigao wildlife sanctuary.

Mr Rane, however, said that his aim was to make Goa a free port but unfortunately that did not happen, as a central legislation was required for that purpose. He said that he had announced it in 1980.

The Chief Minister, however, said that now with SEZs coming up all of Goa could be an SEZ adding that all the areas where the government had plans to set up SEZs were non-agricultural and that these were the places it wanted to develop.

He also said that tourism also has picked up well in the state and many important events like CHOGM retreat had been held in the state.Courtesy: Navhind Times

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