Goa Gil to perform in Mumbai INDIA

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The spiritually-inclined trance DJ (Goa Gil) says he is all set to spread the vibration

He has traversed the Himalayas, meditated on the banks of the Ganges and also thrown open air parties on the beaches of Goa, all the while dishing out his favourite music to his fans. DJ Goa Gil, who pioneered and rules the trance scene in Goa, believes that his techno-tribal music is spiritual and he is simply doing his duty of passing it on to people.

“When I first came to India at the age of 18, songs would just come to me. I understood the power of music in uplifting people,” says Gil.

Goa Gil

Goa Gil will be performing tomorrow night at Smirnoff Bar 21, Squeeze. He breaks into a laugh when quizzed about his interest in composing for Bollywood. “You know I got a call from an advertising agency the other day where they wanted me to play for a fashion show on one of the nights, the other was like Bollywood night. The thing is my music is underground and not suited for the commercial and mainstream public,” he reasons.

Gil travels all around the globe gigging but touts Japan as a cutting edge destination for partying. “My son lives there and I have been going there for the past three years. It is really one of the finest places to party,” he claims.

Goa Gil dismisses the connection between trance music and drugs by saying it’s all over the place. “We musicians share our music with people. There are some who drink and some who smoke. People who went for the Bob Marley concert used to smoke,” he says.

It’s rather a contrast for someone who is so spiritually inclined to be a party king. Goa Gil explains, “I like to have open air parties close to nature. It’s magical. I’m not suited for clubs; music and dance are something very spiritual and it’s my mission to spread the vibration.”

Goa Gil

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