Goa declared best state in West region

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Goa has once again been declared as the overall best state in the western region, ahead of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Goa took the top spot in the categories of primary education, primary health care, investments, consumer markets and budget and prosperity in the western region.

Goa has also been given the top rank in the list of smaller states for its macro economy with the parameters including urbanisation, per capita GSDP, GSDP for power, gas and water supply and other relevant factors. The honour of the best state has been bestowed on Goa by India Today, a leading news magazine in the country, in its sixth State of States report.

In the small state category, Goa has been ranked number two in agriculture, taking into account food grain yield, percentage of cropped area under cash crops, irrigated area and other factors. Goa also takes second place in the infrastructure segment, the parameters being electricity supply, pucca roads, road length etc. The detailed and comprehensive study also ranked Goa as the best state among the 10 smaller states in the field of primary health after analysing the variables such as doctor/lakh population, percentage of assisted birth, access to tap water, expenditure on health and family welfare/population and other relevant factors.

The study states that the passing of Goa’s Health Services Development Bill 2008 was perhaps a fitting culmination to the measures taken to improve public health in the past year, including for the prevention of diseases like measles through vaccination programmes, routine checkup of newborn babies and treatment of over 10,000 people in medical camps. The state has identified 20 projects under the public-private partnership, which includes a super-speciality hospital at the Goa Medical College.

The study also revealed that Goa has the second highest number of affluent households in the country, after Delhi, the variables being ownership of TV, bank deposits/population, two-wheeler/ population and other factors.

-Navhind Times, Goa Daily

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