Goa CM on ‘sick leave’ in South Goa?

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He only makes appearances at parties and private functions, unlike his predecessor Manohar Parrikar, who would come to make big announcements.

“Right now, this chief minister is the master of chaos; he’s ruling over chaos. His herd is running in all directions, throwing communal jibes, inciting violence and in the midst of that, he’s trying to make his presence felt. He’s failed in Goa, forget South Goa alone,” said  a disappointed Salcete citizen.
Sanjay Sawant Dessai, a professor in Margao and resident of Quepem, pointed out how Hospicio still lacked medicines or good facilities although Parsekar started as health minister. He said, “This CM is what Goa didn’t vote for in reality and is a huge disappointment to the people. The bad roads in and around Margao showcases his incompetence to raise infrastructure.”
Noted Margao lawyer  Cleofato Coutinho felt that Parsekar was yet to prioritize South Goa and understand the importance of Salcete and neighbouring talukas. 
“Zuari needs a second bridge before the dilapidated one collapses and not a third one for Mandovi. Mining needs to be addressed, Margao has problems, tourism is in bad shape with a bad name globally, and worst is that incomplete district hospital. When will the chief minister realize these are problems and address them? I can say six months is too short a time to judge his reign, but he should step up immediately.”
Daniel D’Souza, an animator from Navelim, hated how the CM made more news on Twitter for stupid statements, but was yet to impress Goa with one of his own initiatives. He hoped the CM would redeem himself in the next six months.
On the other hand, Benaulim MLA Caitano D’Silva sang praises of the CM. He said, “Parsekar has come out in support of Goans eating beef and also speaks of some Hindu communities eating beef. So it’s good that Parsekar is not insensitive and he’s with Catholics.”
Velim MLA Benjamin D’Silva asserted that his constitution had seen tremendous development and interest from Parsekar. However, he felt that Ghar Wapsi, communal tension and the BJP’s intolerance to Catholics needs to stop immediately.
Salcete wants to see its chief minister step up his game, interact and connect with the youth, because they don’t have any connect with him.