Goa: Ambitious Palace-on-the-wheel Bus Hits Road Block

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A private initiative to promote the state tourism has hit a road block with the state transport department delaying the registration of unique palace-on-the-wheel bus to be introduced for the first time on state roads. The bus, manufactured in Goa and launched by a local Goan woman entrepreneur, has been kept off the road as transport department pointing out various Motor Vehicle Act sections.

The bus has a counter and sofa-type sitting in it. “I had launched the initiative as Goa does not have such project…. I was fully supported by the tourism department,” Sneha Salgaoncar, the bus owner, said. Interestingly, state tourism department’s Goa Tourism development corporation (GTDC) had unveiled this project during their recent tourism promotion event in the state.

The tourism officials had promised that the bus would be an impetus to the tourism in the state. “It cannot be called as a campus bus as it has more than eight seats. We are still checking in which category, the bus can be registered,” L Kundaikar, assistant director of transport, said. Salgaoncar said that she has been running from post to pillar since last November to get the bus registered.

“First they asked me to apply under Campus Bus category. Now they say the bus cannot be registered under that category,” she said. The venture was apparently an inspiration from such buses plying on the streets of Delhi and Hyderabad. “The bus in Delhi is apparently registered as passenger vehicle… why can’t Goa to do it,” Salgaoncar questioned.

The lady entrepreneur has now petitioned the state tourism ministry. “We have received the petition and are cross checking with the transport department why there is such delay,” Lyndon Monteiro, GTDC vice chairman, said. He said that the tourism ministry would personally intervene in the matter as the project was to bolster tourism industry in Goa.


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