Forbes’ World’s Top 10 Actresses

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A real multimedia diva: She’s on the radio with chart-topping music, on television with steamy videos and in the tabloids with her love life. But she earns most of her money in the movies, starring in thrillers and comedies.

America’s sweetheart decided to pass on the (relatively) big bucks and spent the past year making low-budget independent films. But she’ll be back to her full-wattage self next year in Mona Lisa Smile. 

Blonde, busy and rich. She gets paid close to Julia money–and she works constantly. She’ll take home $20 million for the Charlie’s Angels sequel and she’s also cashing checks from a starring role in Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York and a starring voice in the Shrek sequel.

Friends is paying her $1 million an episode for the sitcom’s final season. She’s starring in The Good Girl, a comedy due out this fall. And she’s married to Brad Pitt. Can you say Hollywood princess?

She didn’t make much for her role in Moulin Rouge, an injury forced her out of The Panic Room and she and Tom Cruise divorced. Otherwise she’s fine, with a full plate that includes higher-paying films like The Human Stain. 

She has deferred some of her up-front fee for the low-budget Against the Ropes. But she gets paid as well as any of her Hollywood boyfriends for starring in romantic comedies like Kate and Leopold. 

Her bank account swells this year as she stars in two current releases, Murder by Numbers and The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, where she gets a chance to work out some mother-daughter issues. 

She generates less gossip than her Friends costars–perhaps because she’s busy working. Up next: She reprises her role from Analyze This in the cleverly named Analyze That. Not bad for someone best known for playing a ditz. 

She got her start dancing in a Bruce Springsteen video, then appeared for a stint on Family Ties. But she’s making considerably more for her final season of Friends. 

She’s become one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses since she starred in the surprise comedy hit Legally Blonde. The 26-year-old is seeing her pay soar–now at least $8 million per role. 


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