Fish travels from stinking bazaars to supermarkets in Goa

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Its time to say goodbye to stinking fish-markets and argumentative lady vendors for Goans, as supermarkets in prominent cities of the state have ventured into the business of selling raw and hygienic fish. Fish, which is central to non-vegetarian food in Goa, conventionally is sold at crowded, stinking markets. Supermarkets pitching in for the fish selling business has come as a respite to consumers, who always wanted a break from the routine of visiting littered markets. “We began in November 2008 when we realised that many people refused to go to fish markets although they relish the marine dish,” Salmon Fresh Foods Private Limited, Director, Vikram Salgaonkar told PTI.

Salmon runs a supermarket at Caranzalem, a locality next to Panaji city, which is also a hamlet of traditional fisher-folks. The first thing Salgaonkar did was to get a licence from Ministry of Food Processing, which authorised it to vend the fish, which the company sells along with grocery and other commodities on the shelf. “Initially, the response was less. But now it has picked up. Its a trend now,” he said, claiming that their prices are comparatively cheaper than the regular fish market. The customer can just walk in and go out with a parcel of fish which is properly cleaned and cut to size as per his requirement, he said, adding that Salmon has also introduced a helpline to get raw fish ordered at home.

Courtesy: IBN Live

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