Did Goa awaken?? Goa makes song, dance about CM

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The citizens of Goa came together on Monday to raise their voice against Chief Minister Pratapsingh Rane’s Regional Plan 2011. This plan allegedly threatens to reduce the green cover in the state from about 70 per cent to as low as 20 per cent.


There were more than 12K folks on Azad Maidan… And trafiic jams as usual were seen near Jetty area and at the entry and exit roads of Panjim city.


Monday’s rally couldn’t have been better timed. It’s the biggest non-political rally to take place after the liberation of Goa in 1961. From ordinary citizens to celebrities, people turned up to support the cause in true Goan style.


There were two of Goa’s most famous singers who turned up at the protest to show support. Remo Fernandes and Hema Sardesai sang on the occasion protesting the move of the government.

“Hey Minister, I see your desire. I know that your loins are on fire. Your urge is showing in your face. You are satisfying in the market place,” Remo Fernandes sang to a cheering crowd.

The place was even more crowded after 1730 hrs, when office going people joined the gathering.

This was of course not a move by the opposition party….. as this was not an RSS provoked strike :). The people seen were mainly the elite educated citizens of Goa having concern about Goa.

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  1. Its nice of Goa Blog to get such a good article…

    Indeed Goa has awakened. According to me Goans aren’t gonna sleep any more.

    Great work. Keep up the blog high!!

    2. Rahul Sinari on December 21st, 2006 at 2:27 pm

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