Dhoom 2

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Summary Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai will team up for the first time in the much talked about sequel to Dhoom…

The film, a hi-tech thriller packed with special effects and action-oriented spectacles, is slated to be bigger, costlier and more in-your-face than Dhoom…

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It is makeover time for Aishwarya! She has reportedly asked for a two month period to tone up for the role of a cat-woman in the forthcoming sequel – Dhoom II…

Aditya Chopra had Ash do a photo shoot in the costumes that she would need to wear and the photos are part of the contract, signed by the actress…

The attire is termed sexy but does not specifically mandate a bikini!

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dhoom 2

A review

“Indians don’t have super power…”

The general perception in our people is that we Indians are powerless, if we jump from a tower what shit this is not possible “are they kidding me”, “if we hit a guy and he falls 1 km then come on people this is ridiculous”, these are some of the comments we receive for the action sequence.

Now imagine same stunts being done by Tom Cruise or for that matter any Hollywood action hero wow, they are amazing isn’t it , that’s the hypocritical attitude we carry when we watch our movies.

Some reviews and comments you would receive fro D2 would be …

a. The action looks juvenile, we Indians can never do action..
b. Why do we imitate the west, can’t we have our own ideology…
c. SRK (ShahRukh Khan) is too big, can’t be compared with Hritik or Abhishek…
d. No story and script in this movie just some mundane Action…

Doesn’t it feel like dejavu when we hear such comments, yes because that is what we would get after seeing Dhoom2. Before I explain the mediocrity & Hypocritical nature of our Indian viewers towards to a good step by our Directors to putting extra effort in showing something which has not seen before in Indian movies, let me give you brief on the plot of the movie.

Dhoom 2 a beginning to Dhoom..3

I have always been keen to watch how action movies fair in Indian movies except to those action we have seen in early 80s and 90s where we had Dharmendra, Sunny and later Akshay and Suniel Shetty have been feeding us. Dhoom was one of the best entertainers in terms of action, comedy and spice and we got some good moments and we can say John Abraham as an actor was actually born with his amazing good looks and a very decent performance.

The movie begins with an amazing robbery sequence in Africa at the oldest railway line in Namibia where even finding a tea for you would be difficult. The crisply executed robbery scene by the latest and brand new Negative Actor of Indian cinema Mr A (Hrithik) is a scene to watch and begins the cat and mouse race between a Con Man Mr Arayan alias Mr A (Hrithik ), a Con women Sunehri(Aishwarya .. look gorgeous for upteenth time ) and 3 Cops Jai (Abhishek), Ali(Uday Chopra), Shonali (Bipasha) and a look alike Bipasha. The cat mouse race begins typically like Dhoom one with each time Mr A getting the edge over Jai and of course this time double the action and double the fun.

The robbery scene has been globe trotting from Africa to Brazil hence you get to see amazing locations and of course perfectly executed Action sequence.
The acting in the movie is pretty limited because this movie is all about the fun and action angle still Hrithik has excelled as an actor and we all know Abhishek has come of his age even though he had very little to do then giving those straight dry face to Uday. Uday chopra as Ali is an underrated actor and he is good in comic sequence, just because he is Yash Chopra’s son people dont want to give him credit. He is not that bad, he is defintly better then lot of actors today we have. He is not a champion action but he has done his job of a comic cop in a nice manner.

As far as ladies are concerned, Ash is in her glowing glory and we all know her acting skill is limited to a good script. She can act well if the director squeezes the best out of her like Hum Dil De Chuke he Sanam and Umrao Jaan. Other wise she is a Barbie Doll who looks good and can act in phases. Bipasha we all know is a dusky stunner but for some reason, I never found her looks that appealing though here again she got a full opportunity to undress herself in those bikinis and as far as acting is concerned she is again a so so.


We always believed that we are not good in technical aspect of the movie and for over a couple of years we have been improving in our action execution standard and we have seen that in some movies like Dhoom, Krish , Don and now Dhoom 2. Still we have some negative and hypocritical viewers who say what the hell what kind of action is that , MI2 or MI3 was better then this. I would like to tell those viewers that MI2 had a budget of 100Million$(450Crores) for that kind of action to be executed and we make a movie with a budget of 10million$(45Crs) so what can you expect from director to do. He has got the ideas but he doesn’t have the funds to back up and even if he has got the funds its very difficult for the producer to recover the money. Because an Indian movie even if it becomes a blockbuster maximum it can earn is around 40Million$ (180Crs ) that’s what Krissh had earned also their are more than 100million corrupt Indians who would buy the same movie on a Pirated cd and reduce the earning for the producer. So if you want to make such big budget movie show the producers that you would watch the movie in a theatre and let them earn that kind of money for what they have invested.

We are imitating West..

We get to hear lot of time…Sad isn’t it for the same people who are eating burgers at Mcdonalds, Pizza’s at Domino or Pizza hut. Everything in this world is shared now , their is nothing like imitating if you really feel we are imitating stop eating at the American or the Western Outlets be Indian and have a nice vada pav. If you can’t stop that then don’t blame the directors and producers who are just getting inspired by the west to give you what you like an American Stunt or an action scene.

Srk is too Big….

I have heard that many times that SRK is big then all the other stars. Now i really fail to understand why has SRK come into picture , this movie is about Abhishek, Hrithik and Uday why the hell his names come into picture. Each and every actor has his own individuality, we all know that SRK would ham in whatever he does, he couldn’t resist hamming in Don but we still liked the movie because Farahan Akhtar did a good job. SRK is a director’s actor but seldom does he can resist his hamming so lets leave SRK out of this and respect the actors in the movie who have done an excellent job. People are saying SRK would be their in Dhoom 3, thats always nice to have a star in a movie, I guess we should talk about SRK when dhoom 3 gets released so stop bringing an actor who is non-existent in this movie.

No story. no Script…

It was very funny in one of the review person has compared it with Casino Royale and also said CR doesn’t have any script or is too slow. Its strange now how can you compare a bond movie to Dhoom 2 anways we can go to any length in comparing an Apple with Potato. Yes the movie doesn’t have a script , tell how many times you have gone to watch a hollywood movie and you have seen no script but still come out going ga ga about its action similary we all know that Bharjatya’s never have script they just have a Marriage Video caste for us to show. Stop being a wussy and keep cribbing about the script, its not always that script is important its the entertainment value that is important. By the way how many of you here know what a script is, just for the heck of it talking of script is ridiculous.

My verdict…

Dhoom 2 is a definitely watch for all those action movie buffs and yes we don’t have the technology of MI2 but we have a sincere technician and director with amazing Stunts by Hrithik to entertain us for 2.5hours. Go ahead and watch this movie and forget the critics they have a tendency to put down anything that is coming up. Go enjoy the ride and please for god sake stop watching movies on pirated Cd’s and enjoy the movie only in theatres. Like the Indian film makers have grown up and are trying their level best to do something different , we critics and viewers grow up and stop comparing each and every time with the west.

Plus Points: Hrithik, Action

Minus Points: Hrith-Ash Love story drag, Bipasha wasted

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  1. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

    3. Alex on August 17th, 2008 at 9:44 am
  2. Trivia:

    How many times does Sunehri aka Aishwarya Rai use the word “Like” in the movie ?

    31 Times !!!!

    4. Baltimorez Laziest on August 16th, 2007 at 9:31 am
  3. Hello,

    You are right about our hypocritical ways towards reviewing hindi movies. But if the budget is’nt there why even try attempting to execute an action movie which they KNOW they can’t do with the amount of money they have ? And I believe the problem with Indian cinema is the number of half cooked movies that come out every month! Instead of releasing so many movies(most of which are just for selling some silly item numbers) why can’t they use all the production money into one big movie! And I don’t agree with you, when you say that if the producers spend a lot of money – it will not be recovered! IT WILL BE! Everybody will watch a well made movie. The need is for “ATTENTION TO DETAILS”. Nobody likes watching a movie made just for heck of it.

    Also what I would like to see is more movies which are NOT COPIED! Why do they copy story lines from the western movies ? That’s SAD! They copy songs, the movies … Why don’t they just DUB english movies and save some money and effort ?I would rather watch an original Indian movie which has Indian influences.

    One more thing missing in Indian movies, is post production. Hollywood movies undergo 10-18 months of post production which is’nt there here, that has major influence on the quality of the film. The movie ‘Black’ was excellent in terms of post production quality! We need more of that :)…

    P.S : I am not saying Dhoom 2 is copied. 🙂
    Also don’t think this is an attack on Bollywood. It’s not really. These are just my opinions. Feel free to argue any of my points :P…

    5. Rohit Arondekar on December 9th, 2006 at 11:30 am
  4. gr8!!

    6. Preetam on December 5th, 2006 at 8:21 am

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