Corruption prevails at ‘lower levels’: Goa CM

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Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has set a deadline of August 15, 2013 to completely eradicate corruption from the State, which he says, is still prevalent at the lower level in the administration.
Parrikar also said that he had given enough time for corrupt government officers to change their habits and as such ‘their days are numbered.’ “The State government will crackdown on the corrupt officers from August 16 onwards as they have been given enough time to mend their ways,” he said.
The Chief Minister was speaking while addressing a gathering after hoisting the tri-colour on the occasion of 66th Independence Day, celebrated at Old Secretariat, Panjim.
Parrikar during his speech appealed to the people of Goa to support for total eradication of corruption in the administration. “Though corruption has declined due to the efforts made by the government, much is required to be done in this direction, for which government wants support from people,” he added.
Later, the Chief Minister, told reporters at GRP Camp in Altinho while releasing a newsletter of Goa Police, that the corruption at higher level in the administration has gone down considerably but it remains the same at the lower level.
He said that the common men are harassed due to petty corruption at lower level, which needs to be wiped out completely. “Serious issues will not be tolerated. Action will be taken against those practicing corruption,” he said.
The Chief Minister said that the instances of corruption during the earlier government regime are also viewed seriously but the officers, who were forced to do so, would not be punished per se.
Charting the roadmap for next one year, Parrikar said that the stress would be to counter knowledge without character, politics without principles and vision without execution.
Giving an example, he said that the police may have a vision to eradicate drugs and prostitution but without real execution, the vision is of no use.
Parrikar said that his statement of zero tolerance towards corruption is expected to bring down the corruption levels. “I am purposely saying zero corruption. I am saying that there should not be tolerance towards corruption,” he added.
In a strong message to the police officers, Parrikar asked them to refuse to entertain political interference. “Police should not get politically influenced beyond a certain limit,” he said, adding that the interference in petty things like traffic arrangement can be tolerated.

Courtesy : Herald

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