Convention of the Goan Diaspora – FROM GOA INTO THE WORLD

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Convention of the Goan Diaspora – FROM GOA INTO THE WORLD


Casa de Goa, in Lisbon, intends to hold a CONVENTION bringing together Goans from all over the world to spend a weekend in Portugal discussing issues of common interest. We wish to celebrate the many positive contributions Goans have made to the countries in which they have lived for many years and where their children were born and brought up.

Dates: 15th June/ 17th June 2007

Venue: Casa de Goa Association – Lisbon


  • To celebrate the Goan Diaspora and the contributions to the societies in which we live
  • To reinforce second and third generation Goans in their efforts to keep Goan culture alive

We would be very glad if some of the participants would be willing to make
presentations in order to share their creative experiences in fields like:

  • fine arts
  • literature
  • music
  • education
  • entrepreneurship
  • media
  • information technologies
  • volunteering

We are not a research institution and therefore we do not wish to promote an academic or scientific event. What we really want is to organise an interactive dialogue to share our achievements, on one hand, and to encourage our children
and grandchildren to hold the torch of “Goanity” alive in the future whatever that might mean in different economic, social and cultural contexts.

We are also celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the foundation date of Casa de Goa, the Goan Association in Portugal.

Many thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

Prof. Dr. Narana Coissoró
President of the Board of Directors

For Participating Download complete information doc.

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