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International Temple Summit 2012 to be held in Goa in November

The International Temple Summit (ITS) 2012, a global convention of temple trusts and holy shrines, will be held in Goa in November this year. The meet will focus on key topics such as security, financial management, infrastructure enhancement, online presence and promotions, raising of revenue through specialised products as also copyright and intellectual property rights, […]

Goa to frame policy to relocate roadside religious structures

Goa government will soon formulate a policy to demolish or relocate roadside religious structures to comply with the directive of the Supreme Court. Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said today that a comprehensive policy would be framed and kept open for public suggestions by June 30. The state government, he clarified, is merely acting on the […]

Goa expats want total change of political blood

Goan expats across the continents of Europe, Australia and America are calling for a “total change of blood” in Goa’s political system ahead of assembly elections on Saturday. Members of the Goan diaspora are beseeching their counterparts back home to vote for Goa’s ecology and identity, especially when their forefinger hovers over the electronic voting […]

When Lord Shiva saved the world

O merciful Lord, bestow upon the humanity all the riches at your feet…Hands folded and with one-pointed devotion, Dattrateya Bhave was engrossed in invoking blessings of the ‘Nirgun form of the Lord’ (lingam) in the dimly-lit sanctum sanctorum of the small and exquisite 12th Century Tambdi Surla temple at the crack of dawn on the […]

Goa elections: Goa politicians find party song in ‘Kolaveri Di’

Kolaveri Di is now a party song, the poll way. Goan imitations of the hit Tamil-English number are propping up party messages. The BJP was first off the blocks with its ditty: “Tujem mot komlavari di (cast your vote for the lotus).” ‘Di’, which means ‘give’ in Konkani, pitches it perfectly. “The younger generation has […]