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Goa Tour – Visiting the unexpected Goa

Situated on the western coast of India, the state of Goa has the ideal temperature for vacationing here all around the year. However, the best time for Goa tours is between the months of October to March. This is the ideal time for Goa travel, as the monsoons are over by this time in Goa […]

Goan cuisine Gallery

Goan cuisine: Influence GOA – Just saying the word makes me think of Goan food! With influences from the Portuguese rule, its neighbouring South-Indian states, the Arabian Sea on the west and the mix of Hindu and Christian dwellers, Goa is diverse and multi-cultural in its homes, languages and scripts, festivals and food. The Mardi […]

Sossegado, The Goan Food Festival, at Ista

Savour the taste and the culture of one of India’s most favourite holiday destinations- Goa! If you have not been able to plan your holidays to the land of sun, sand and surf anytime soon, the food festival at Hotel Ista would probably be your perfect back-up. ‘Sossegado’ The Goan Food Festival will be on […]

How to get a taste of Goa in bowl of fish curry

These verses were composed by the famous Goan poet Bakibab Borkar, whose fetish for fish curry so possessed his pen one day that he dedicated a poem to the dish. “Any Goan worth his salt knows that fish curry is the soul of a good meal,” says Cress Fernandes of Bernando’s, a Goan restaurant in […]

Dry days will hit weddings in state

Weddings planned in the state over the next two days may have to go dry, with the state administration banning the sale of alcohol from Tuesday 5pm to Thursday 5pm in view of the Lok Sabha polls on Thursday. Twelve couples getting married over the next two days have applied for permission to serve alcohol […]