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Goa Food Festival: Time to savour Goan delicacies

10-day food festival gets under way A chance to go to Goa might not come everyone’s way. But, with the new Goan Food Festival of Fortune Murali Park, people can taste the exclusive Goan cuisine right here in Vijayawada. Chef Selva displaying a plate of seafood at the Goan food festival being organised at Hotel […]

Chicken Vindaloo: Goan Christmas Recipe

  Christmas is just on its way and to welcome Santa Clause we have a special easy Christmas recipe. Why Chicken vindaloo and not roasted chicken you may ask? To add that typical Indian flavour to the beautiful festival of Christmas. As the tiny state of Goa is famous for its Christmas festivities, here is […]

Fish travels from stinking bazaars to supermarkets in Goa

Its time to say goodbye to stinking fish-markets and argumentative lady vendors for Goans, as supermarkets in prominent cities of the state have ventured into the business of selling raw and hygienic fish. Fish, which is central to non-vegetarian food in Goa, conventionally is sold at crowded, stinking markets. Supermarkets pitching in for the fish […]

Catching crabs with shark fins and chicken guts in rural Goa

Away from Goa’s sun-kissed beaches, trance parties and neon lit coastal streets, young boys dressed in shorts are still happy wading shin-deep in muddy, smelly water armed with shark fins or rotten chicken entrails to hunt crabs. Fishing for crabs isn’t exactly a dream sport for those obsessed with hygiene. A rustic outdoor sport, it is […]

Goa flat bread

Before you Goa, wrap up a present to yourself Wonderfully easy wrap that’s perfect for lunch or a light dinner. Ingredients: 100g chicken breast 20ml olive oil 50g fresh or frozen prawns (defrosted) 45ml coronation mayonnaise 1x plain wrap (25cm) Greek lamb spice (flatbread rub infusion) 10g baby lettuce 10g rocket 20g sweet piquante peppers […]