BJP out to destabilise country: Shantaram Naik

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Mr Shantaram Naik, MP and secretary All India Congress Committee, who returned to Goa after a month-long tour of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, said that BJP?s demand for scrapping of Article 370 of the Constitution implies that BJP desires that international forces should intervene to support divisive forces in J&K and destabilise the country and give a bad name to Congress.

BJP is fully aware that power is not within their reach and therefore leaders like Mr Narendra Modi have been chosen by BJP to sow the seeds of division in this secular state of Goa, he said. Mr Naik said that demand of BJP for a Uniform Civil Code is not for the laudable objective of bringing in the uniformity in our legal system, but the hidden objective is that the Uniform Civil Code may lead to curtailment of personal laws of minority communities, giving BJP a sadistic pleasure.

Mr Naik charged that the Chief Minister of Karnataka is adopting Talibanism in Karnataka and it will not be surprising that our girls in Karnataka will be whipped on streets in very near future on grounds of morality norms pronounced by Mr Yadurippa for young generation to follow disregarding their constitutional rights.

Mr Naik said that the former Home Minister of India, Mr L K Advani, who despite attacks on Parliament, Red Fort, Akshardham and J&K Assembly avoided taking effective steps against the country involved, should rightly be called as Kamchor Home Minister.

-Navhind Times, Goa Daily

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  1. We are with Sanjeev Naik: Keralites.
    Hundreds of Members of the Malayalee community in the satellite city, led by some of their prominent opinion leaders, marched in a rally from Mahape to Vashi Yesterday evening.
    The all-Malayalee rally voiced its support for the NCP candidate Sanjeev naik and urged the members of the community residing in the nodes of Ghansoli, koparkhiarane and Vashi to follow suit and ensure that they turn out to vote for Naik. The rally was organized under the auspices of the Dakshin Bhartiya Seva Sangh, headed by prominent Malayalee Sasi Damodaran, who is also the chairman of NMMT. Nearly 3000 members of the community’s association turned out for the rally, which commenced around 5.00 pm and continued well past 9.00 pm by the time it wound up in Vashi. “We, as a community, are voicing our support for an educated, sincere candidate to represent the educated people of Navi Mumbai in the Parliament,” said Damodaran.

    1. roshni on April 28th, 2009 at 6:39 pm
  2. RPI (Ektavadi) extends Support to Sanjeev Naik.
    RPI’s Ektavadi party has announced its support to Thane Loksabha constituency candidate Dr Sanjeev Naik. Despite 22 candidates from the RPI contesting for the Loksabha polls from several regions, the party has extended its support to UPA candidate Dr Sanjeev Naik in Thane. RPI Ektavadi Director Gangaram Indise informed that in order to restrict the growth of religiously inspired powers and form an association, the party is supporting the UPA candidate Dr. Sanjeev Naik.
    The party is hoping that their candidate will resolve issues concerning the minority and backward classes like the implementation of atrocity law, shelter to slum dwellers residing on forest land and others.

    2. asha on April 28th, 2009 at 2:33 pm
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