Bird Watching in Goa

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Goa’s equitable climate and rich vegetation support an abundance of birds. This large and diverse population can survive because of its varied habitat that ranges from open forests to shrubs, tracks and dense forests which are ideal for breeding.

Cattle Egret
 Cattle Egret

Visitors will probably notice a few about town and in temple grounds. On the other hand, a keen bird-watcher will find much to get excited about and a trip to one of the nearby sanctuaries or along a river early in the morning will be particularly rewarding.

Goa is a bird watcher’s paradise and keen bird-watchers will be in seventh heaven, and even those who have previously had little interest in birds will wonder at the richness of the birdlife.

Common varieties of birds to be seen in Goa include four different species of eagles, as well as other birds of prey such as kites, buzzards, kestrels and ospreys. There are five types of pigeons, six types of doves, five varieties of cuckoos, six of kingfishers and another six of woodpeckers.

There is enough here to keep even the most ardent enthusiast busy for months. What’s more, you don’t even have to go very far to see most of these birds. An early morning or evening spent beside one of the rivers, or better still in the boat of a local ramponkar, drifting along the waterways will reveal amazing numbers of unusual species.

For those who are interested in seeing more, a trip to the Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary on Chorao Island is recommended. Other sites of interest are the wetlands at Carambolim (12km east of Panaj and at Shiroda (40km south-east of Panaji, in Ponda taluka).

A wonderful variety of birds can also be seen readily in Bondla and the other wildlife sanctuaries near the Western Ghats. For seabirds, Morjim beach is recommended.

(courtesy: goatourism.org)

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