Anjuna Beach – Goa

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Goa is India’s smallest state in terms of area and the fourth smallest in terms of population. Located on the west coast of India in the region known as the Konkan, it is bounded by the state of Maharashtra to the north and by Karnataka to the east and south, while the Arabian Sea forms its western coast.

Anjuna Beach

Mascarenhas Mansion:With riches and classic ‘balcoes’ (balconies) at Anjuna stands the monumental Mascarenhas Mansion. The L-shaped seat along the length of the porch is of expensive wood. It has some of the finest stained glass floral etchings

Wednesday Flea Market: With its fluorescent painted palm trees and full moon parties, Anjuna Beach, 8-km west of Mapusa, is one of the most popular beaches of Goa. Most people’s reasons for coming to Anjuna are the same as they were in the 1970s: dancing and lying on the beach slurping tropical fruit. While browsing in the area have a day trip to the famous flea market of Anjuna, a major shopping hangout, beside the beach.

Anjuna Beach
The Acid House Party:Anjuna is also known for its full-moon (acid house) parties. Held for and by young tourists, these parties have attracted thousands of tourists. The trance party with dance, frolic, and merriment goes all night besides the fire.

Anjuna attracts a variety of tourists touring Goa, and the crowd includes from the happy go lucky kinds to overlanders, monks, defiant ex-hippies, gentle lunatics, artists, artisans, seers, searchers etc. Even those particular kinds of tourists who prefer to travel within the limit of their tour itinerary, cannot resist visiting this charming beach site.

Tropical Sights of Anjuna Beach
Bathing is generally safer at Anjuna than at most of the nearby resorts, especially at the more peaceful southern end of the beach, where a rocky headland keeps the sea calm and the undertow to a minimum. Taking long walks under the moon on the silver sands of this beach is something that any visitor would love to do at Anjuna, beside the favourite pastime of watching the sun going down.

At the north of the Anjuna Flea market ground, the beach area broadens, running in an uninterrupted kilometer long stretch of steeply shelving sand to a low red cliff. The village bus park lies on top of this high ground, where small cafes, bars and Kashmiri handicraft stalls are lined, making a perfect hangout zone near the beach site. Every lunch hour, tour parties from Panjim also pull-up in here for a beer, before heading home again, leaving the localities and tired tourists to watch the sunset peacefully and relax a bit.

Visiting Time
The tourist season in Anjuna starts in early November, when most of the long staying regulars show up. During the Christmas and New Year rush, the village and beach site is busy with a mixed crowd of round the world backpackers and tourists from all over India, attracted by the promise of the big beach parties. In off-season however, Anjuna has a surprisingly simple unhurried atmosphere. Visitors can also opt to stay at the large package tour hotels and beach resorts that have appeared over the past couple of years near the Anjuna beach site.

Anjuna Beach

Entertainment & Amusements at Anjuna
Thanks to the kill-joy attitude reputation, Anjuna is a rave-venue for big parties that take place over here from time to time, especially around the Christmas-New Year full moon period. At other times, Anjuna’s nightlife centres on the Shore Bar, in the middle of the beach, which has a pounding sound system and play some real funky music that always keeps the atmosphere alive. The biggest crowds show up accompanied by the latest ambient trance mixes from London.

The music gains pace as the evening wears on winding up before midnight, when there’s an exodus over to the Guru Bar, further up the beach, or to the Primrose CafĂ© in Vagator, both of which stay open until after midnight.The Alcove, over looking Ozran Vagator Beach, is another worthwhile nightspot to hangout near Anjuna. More mainstream musical entertainment is on offer at Temptations, in the Red Cab Inn just below Starco’s crossroads, where Indian classical recitals and guitar based cover bands feature with fire dancers on Mondays.

Eating Out Places at Anjuna
Both the beachfront and village at Anjuna are flooded with good places to eat and drink. Most are simple semi open-air, thatched palm leaf affairs, specializing in fish and western food. All serve cold beer, invariably with thumping techno music in the background. On the beach, tourists can buy fresh fruits, including watermelons, pineapples and locally grown coconuts from the local vendors.

By Air :The nearest airport is at Dabolim, which is 29 km away from Panaji and 47 km from Anjuna.

By Rail:The nearest railway station is at Karmali 11 km away from Panaji and 29 km from Anjuna.

By Road:There are buses every hour to Anjuna from Mapusa (8 km). For tourists arriving from Mumbai, Mapusa is the jumping-off point for the northern beaches. There are frequent local buses to Panaji, which is just 18 km away. One can also hire a motorcycle or a taxi from Mapusa to reach Anjuna

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  1. Anjuna is also known for the full-moon (acid house) parties that are held here for young tourists. Famous all over the world, they are a major source of tourist attraction around the world.

    1. Anjuna beach Goa on May 4th, 2011 at 2:12 pm
  2. If U come In India .
    see one time goa .
    it’s great beautiful place in india

    2. Geeta on March 24th, 2011 at 4:42 pm
  3. This is the place where you can get the best in India. I recently visited it and it was a good experience.

    3. usb kabel on October 22nd, 2009 at 6:25 pm
  4. the best place to be !

    4. Shalin on May 19th, 2009 at 6:14 pm

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