AIFF’s Grassroots course ends in Goa

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AIFF’s Grassroots Course successfully ended at the Duler Stadium here on Monday.

The course concluded with a football festival participated by 96 kids. The participants organised the festival under the guidance of instructor Scott O’Donell, who’s also AIFF’s Director of Coaching besides being the Technical Director, Academies. The festival lasted for 90 minutes and consisted of three small-sided Game Stations and three Technical Stations. The kids enjoyed playing the small-sided games and were at home during the Technical Station drills.

Lavinho Rebello, Vice President, Goa Football Association, urged the participants to implement the principles and philosophies of Grassroots which they learnt during the course during their daily training sessions with the kids. Scott O’Donell also thanked the participants for their support. “I was impressed by the quality and enthusiasm of the participants. All are very passionate about Grassroots Programme and have understood they are capable of conducting Grassroots programmes in Goa,” he said.

“I also feel that there is no reason why each one of them can’t organise a festival by themselves,” he added.

Courtesy: NDTV