Dona Paula Declaration Released After Two Day Chintan Shibir of Goa PCC

The two day chintan shibir held on 13 and 14 December, 2014 concluded at 5.30 p.m.today.

The chintan shibir of the Congress Party held at Goa recognizes the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Sardar Patel, Maulana Azad, Babasaheb Ambedkar as the wealth of the party and reiterates that this rich secular, just and inclusive legacy would be visualized by the Congress Party and all its frontal organizations.


It was the visinary ecision of our great leader Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru which helped in liberation of Goa. It was Smt.Indira Gandhi who took a bold and exceptional step of amending the constitution to allow opinion poll for self existance of Goa as an Union territory. The tradition was ably followed by Shri. Rajiv Gandhi who accorded Goa full statehood and awarded Konkani as its official language.

The Chintan- Shibir also puts record that the ideology of the Congress party runs completly harmonious with the ideology and basic principles enshrined in the Constitution of India. Considering this Indian Constitution as the Bible, Gita, oran and the fundamental national document, the Congress Party in Goa resolves its total commitment to the preamble, the fundamental rights and the directive principles enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

After detailed deliberations on the economic, social and political environment, the Chintan – Shibir adopts this Dona Paula Declaration and exhorts the Goa Pradesh Congress and all its frontal organizations to abide by the letter and spirit of this declartion.

The Chintan Shibir was organized under the leadership of Shri.Luizinho Faleiro, President GPCC, M.K.Sheikh,handled Co-ordinatorship, Dr.Ulhas Parab ,General Secretary along with other colleagues managed the Media Affairs whereas the catering was looked after Vithoba Desai and Shankar Kirlapalkar. Many office bearers, several ex ministers, MLAs, ex MLAs, Sr.and Jr.congress leaders attended the Chintan Shibir.The technical sessions were co-ordinted by Jawaharlal Nehru Leadership Institute, New Delhi.

The Dona Paula Declaration besides economic issues, social scenario has covered in details organizational matters, flaws in local governance and roll of media.

President GPCC , Shri.Luizinho Faleiro expressed satisfaction for successful and effective participation of the delegates and complimented the Congress men in Goa and assured more such training camps and Chintan Shibirs at Different levels.


Chintan-Shibir inaugrated by Goa PCC President Shri. Luizinho Faleiro


Shri. Luizinho Faleiro, President, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee inaugurated the Chintan-Shibir at Goa International Centre early morning today. The main objective is to have a vision, mission and a road map to revive, rejuvenate, reinvent and create a new Goa for Goans. Is this possible without promotion young leadership? We have to identify new leadership, nurture it by providing quality training and guidance and finally all the senior Congressman should be ready to step aside and hand over the baton to younger generation. I appeal to all the youth to come forward and take over the responsibilities of leadership of building Goa of their dreams where every Goan becomes proud partner in sustainable Eco-sensitive growth development and progress.

Shri.Luizinho Faleiro expressed his worry and concern is the state of the Goan Economy. The state of economy is horrible and nothing is happening. With the stoppage of mining around 80,000 dependents are without employment and livelihood. To add insult to the injury, the Government continues to milk the almost dead industry through heavy fees to support its sagging revenue.. The banning industry in Goa is in doldrums and the threat to Goa’s cooperative banking structure looms large with NPAs mounting to alarming proportions. There is nothing happening in tourism sector except the EDM festivals and all that we hear is of casinos, drugs & sex trade. The revenue position of the Government is worse. Unemployment figures are staggering and there is no seriousness to address the issue. The industry which had earlier welcomed the change in Government is today shouting ofa total decision paralysis and centralization of powers. Though the Investment Promotion Board has been set up, there is no further step taken. The investors still do not have a clue of which door needs to be knocked. They continue to be in a maze of “where, how and whom” to approach with the proposals.




He emphasized that Congress is vibrant and represents the idea of secular, just and inclusive India. Some of the Congress leaders might have failed the party and few of our leaders may attempt to quit the party. We need to focus on youth and new blood to carry forward the message of Congress which in other words is the message of Bharat. Let this “Chintan-Shibir” provide value inputs in this direction.

He appelaed to the people make Goa, a land of pious and productive peope

HISTAG delegation pays courtesy visit to the Chief Minister of Goa

All Goa Higher Secondary Teachers’ Association delegation today called upon the Honourable Chief Minister of Goa Mr Laxmikant Parsekar, and congratulated him for being elected as the Chief Minister of Goa.

The delegation was led by the President Mrs Beena S. NAik, Vice President Mrs Nelly Rodrigues, Mr Anant Pissurlekar-Treasurer, General Secretary-Mr Sripad Bhat, Joint Secretary-Mr Hemant Sail, and members Mr Prashant Naik and Mr B.R. Patil.

Mrs Beena S. Naik, President of Histag offering a bouquet of flowers to the Chief Minister Shri Laxmikant Parsekar. Also seen in the photograph are Mrs Nelly Rodrigues, Vice-President, Mr Anant PissurlekarTreasurer, General Secretary-Mr Sripad Bhat, Joint Secretary-Mr Hemant Sail, and members Mr Prashant Naik and Mr B.R. Patil.

Mrs Beena S. Naik, President of Histag offering a bouquet of flowers to the Chief Minister Shri Laxmikant Parsekar. Also seen in the photograph are Mrs Nelly Rodrigues, Vice-President, Mr Anant PissurlekarTreasurer, General Secretary-Mr Sripad Bhat, Joint Secretary-Mr Hemant Sail, and members Mr Prashant Naik and Mr B.R. Patil.


The members of HISTAG also gave him the copy of the Resolution which was passed during the Annual General Body Meeting of HISTAG, that took place during last Sunday, i.e.16-11-2014. “The resolution says that, “All the teachers from Goa have extended their good wishes to the newly elected Chief Minister who also happens to be the Education Minister to rule the State in the interest of the people. Hon. CM being a teacher himself, the teaching fraternity expects and hope that the natural justice would be done towards the demands of the teaching fraternity.”

During the visit the delegation also brought to his notice about the scraping of 20% hitch in the Selection Scale, to which Hon. Chief Minister said that he would look into the matter immediately. He further said that he is aware of the problems of the teachers and that it would be his top priority to look into it.

When the delegation brought to his notice that VII Pay Commission, which looks into the matter of Pay Scales of Government Employees should be also asked to visit Goa to resolve the problems of the government employees from Goa; to which the Chief Minister said that he would give the delegation an appointment for the discussion on special matters. Histag has decided to seek for the special appointment with the CM


Mr Shantaram Naik M P said that he was opposed to the declaration of any of the rivers in Goa as National Waterways .

Addressing a press conference in Congress House, Panaji, Mr Naik said, in the context of a statement made by Union Minister for Road and Highways Shri Nitin Gadkari, in Goa, recently , in which he indicated the intention of Government of India to declare the rivers in Goa as National Waterways, that Inland Waterways Authority of India had a meeting with the members of Goan Industry ,sometimes in January,2010, to find out the reaction of the industry in this regard. Mr Naik said that ,it is learnt, that the IWAI authorities came to Goa at the instance of some stakeholders in Goa who wanted to develop rivers in Goa to facilitate the movement of barges.

Mr Naik said that he has no objection to the development of rivers in Goa to facilitate the transport of iron ore , but if the Central Government desires to develop Goan rivers declaration of rivers in Goa as National Waterways is not the only solution. The Central Government develop the same by incurring an expenditure of 500 crores which was the estimate of IWAI prepared in 2010. Mr Shantaram Naik said that the Inland Waterways Authority of India will exercise control over vast tracks of land alongside the Goan rivers apart of the rivers themselves.


Another issue Mr Naik mentioned during his press conference was the statement of Mr Gadkari that his ministry is contemplating construction of a cement based National highway from Mumbai to Goa. However, Mr Naik said that people of entire coastline will be too happy to see such an highway becoming a reality. But, it appears, that all the BJP ministers are now emulating their boss to obtain a
a masters degree in science of fekugiri.

shantaram naik cong

Mr Naik said to his information , to construct one kilometer of cement based highway, the cost involved is 6 crores the national highway strech between Mumbai and Goa being 600 kms, the cost involved in constructing the same will be around 3600 crores. From where are going to get this money, Mr Gadkari ?


Mr Naik said if increasing of agriculture and horticulture production is the primary object of contract farming , who prevented the government from giving the farmers better incentives, and financial facilities and high variety of seeds to increase the production? Mr Naik said that Corportates are going to be the new farmers in Goa, thanks to The Utilisation of Fallow Agricultural Land Act, 2014. Mr Naik said that it is strange that the Statement of Objects and Reasons attached to the concerned bill of vast consequences consists of only seven lines, which shows that the government did not want MLAs to read the statement at a glance to grasp its objectives.

Mr Naik said that the bill is in reality an amendment to Goa Agriculture Tenancy Act and land to the Tiller Act through back doors. Mr Naik said that although the Act was enacted during the regime of Maharashtravadi Gomantak Party, it was based on Congress policy followed throught the country. Mr Naik said that the protection given to the Agriculture Tenancy Act under the ninth schedile is now in danger.


Refering to queries from media about possible induction into Union Cabinet, Mr Naik said that if the news is true, Mr Parrikar might have accepted the proposal because of his total failure in Goa to solve mining issue which is his own creation which has caused Goa a loss of around 45 thousand crores caused account of his first order passed for stopping mining activities in Goa.

Mr Naik further said that the administration in Goa has collapsed , and that, there is no money in government treasury. Officials have been told to keep execution of all decisions where money is involved, on hold. Mr Naik said whereas it is PM’s prerogative as to who should be in his cabinet, normally, a Cabinet aspires to go to the State as CM and not vice-versa. Mr Naik said that it will betrayal of mining industry which he had committed to put on track. Mr Naik said what is going to happen to the Regional plan that he had promised to finalise. Mr Naik said that Parrikar is sing is party’s defeat

Goa PCC office bearers campaigned in Maharastra

Dr. Ulhas Parab, General Secretary & Spokesperson of Goa Pradesh Congress Committee, Vice-President Shri. Babi Bagkar, Treasurer & Former Dy. Speaker of Goa Assembly Shri. Shambhu Bandekar campaigned in Sangli and Kolhapur Districts in Maharastra in its Assembly elections. During the campaign they has given stress in Sangli, Miraj, Poris-Khadegao, Shirala and Ichalkaranji assembly segments. They expressed confident for the victory of Indian National Congress candidate in this elections. Mr. Madan Patil, the Grandson of Former Chief Minister of Maharastra Shri. Vasantdada Patil, Shri. Patangrao Kadam, the Education Minister of Maharastra and one of the senior most leader of Maharastra and Prakash are some of the dynamic candidates of Congress party contesting in Sangli & Kolhapur candidates.



Dr. Ulhas Parab, General Secretary, Goa PCC, Shambhubhau Bandekar, Treasurer, Goa PCC, Babi Bagkar, Vice-Prisedent, Goa PCC with Shri. Patangrao Kadam, one of the tallest leader in Maharastra & the candidate of Indian National Congress of Polus-Khadegao Constituency in Sangli District




 District Congress President of Kolhapur District presenting bouquet to Dr. Ulhas Parab & others to welcome the Goa Delegation




The Goa PCC office bearers paying homage to Swami Ramanand Bharti, the first Sangli District President of Indian National Congress



 The Goa PCC office bearers with Prakash Awade, INC candidate for Ichalkarangi in Kolhapur District during his road show



 The Goa PCC delegates at the public  meeting platform of  Shri. Madanbhau Patil, the INC candidate of Sangli Constituency